Tuesday 21 March 2023

Grading natural color diamonds

Color being the main quality of a natural color diamond, laboratories use specific methods to describe it. Still, naming a color remains subjective and various issues are met with the grading of certain hues. Discover that colored diamonds fluoresce as well, with an exclusive series of surprising pictures.

As natural color diamonds have become more important in the market, it has become crucial to find the right grading system to assess their quality.

Natural color diamonds are graded following the same grading system used for their colorless counterparts. However, the grading of colored diamonds is much more complex because it involves color. Even if the methods used are based on the 4 Cs, the question of naming the color of a diamond has little to do with science.Research is still ongoing and debates still remain in this particularly difficult field.

This chapter explains in detail the methods used by the main laboratories to grade natural color diamonds, and the various issues met with the grading of certain hues.

The question of fluorescence is tackled as well, with an exclusive study this natural phenomenon.