Wednesday 20 February 2013

De Beers Store Loses $4M in Paris Robbery

De Beers Store Loses $4M in Paris Robbery

(IDEX Online News) – Another day, another armed diamond robbery. Just 24 hours after the daring heist at Brussels airport, two armed thieves robbed a De Beers store in Paris. The loot is estimated at $4 million.

Two robbers armed with handguns walked to the De Beers concession in the upscale Printemps department store at around 6:45 pm, and demand that the two display cases be unlocked. After collecting their contents, they left by an employees staircase at the rear of the building.

The thieves acted quietly and quickly, did not wear balaclavas and did not open fire, witnesses told AFP.

A witness told AFP that it appeared the pair was well informed about the store’s layout, which is fitted with a sophisticated surveillance system.