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Rare Argyle Fancy Red and Bluish Violet Diamonds Reunited

Rare Argyle Fancy Red and Bluish Violet Diamonds Reunited

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NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Two of the rarest colored diamonds in the world, discovered years apart in the legendary Argyle Mine in Western Australia, have been reunited in one magnificent ring. The Argyle Red and Bluish Violet Diamond Twin Hearts Ring features a 0.75-carat Natural Fancy Red Diamond and a 0.78-carat Natural Fancy Deep Bluish Violet Diamond (total: 1.53 carats). Both heart-shaped stones are accompanied by certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The platinum and rose gold ring, which also features 4.93 carats of pear-shaped diamonds (E/F color), is available by appointment only at select One and Only One™ locations nationwide. The price is available upon request.

"While each exquisite Argyle Diamond in the Twin Hearts Ring is extraordinarily rare on its own, a pair so well matched in size and shape is incomparable," said Joe Padulo, CEO of Padulo Prive, an adviser to elite jewelers and luxury brands. "For connoisseurs and collectors of Argyle Diamonds, the Fancy Red and the Fancy Deep Bluish Violet are investments that will triumph over time."

The Argyle Diamond Mine, which is owned by Rio Tinto, produces over 90 percent of the world's pink diamonds. Each year the rarest of the rare are sold at the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, the world's most exclusive international diamond auction. While pink diamonds represent only 0.01 percent of the mine's total production, red diamonds and blue diamonds are even rarer. According to officials at Rio Tinto, "These exquisite diamonds are so rare that less than an entire year's worth of Argyle Pink diamonds over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand, while the blue and violet diamonds would barely fill a teaspoon."

Red diamonds represent the pinnacle of value and rarity in the diamond industry. In the 30-year history of the Argyle Mine Pink Diamond Tender, only nine Fancy Red Diamonds have been offered. The Argyle Mine is expected to cease production by the end of this decade.

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