Tuesday 28 January 2014

Fusion/Hennig Tenders to Sell 'Lesotho Pink Storm'in Antwerp

Fusion/Hennig Tenders to Sell 'Lesotho Pink Storm'in Antwerp

(January 19, '14, 7:20 Albert Robinson)

(IDEX Online News) – Fusion/Hennig Tenders will be tendering the 'Lesotho Pink Storm' diamond recently recovered by Storm Mountain Diamonds (Namakwa Group of Mines), at its KAO Mine in Lesotho.

The Type IIa 36.06-carat pink stone, which has “exquisite gemological characteristics”, will be sold later this month.

The Lesotho Pink Storm will be available for viewing in New York from January 17 to 21 and will then be displayed in Antwerp where it will be offered for sale together with other exceptional diamonds from the KAO mine.

Fusion Tenders CEO Adam Schulman said that "We are thrilled to have the privilege of tendering this truly rare and exceptional stone. It is not often that a rare diamond of such significant size, color and quality are found together in the one stone. This is a unique opportunity for someone to own a very special diamond."

Mitford Mundell, CEO of Namakwa Diamonds Group and Chairman of Storm Mountain Diamonds commented: “We are proud of the quality of current production. Improvement initiatives that are in the pipeline will further ensure sustainable, quality production from KAO mine for a long time.”