Monday 02 June 2014

Magnum Ice Cream Diamond Pendant

Magnum Ice Cream Diamond Pendant

(IDEX Online News) – The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has certified and inscribed a gold pendant set with diamonds designed to emulate a Magnum ice cream bar to coincide with the grand opening of the Magnum Pleasure Store in Antwerp’s World Diamond Center.

The IGI-certified pendant was also worn during Magnum ice cream's 25th birthday celebration at the Cannes Film Festival, attended by Kylie Minogue, among other celebrities, the IGI said in a statement.

Antwerp’s Stadsfeestzaal shopping center – the third Magnum Pleasure Store location to open after Paris and London – is holding a contest in honor of the launch, in which one lucky customer will win the pendant.

Valued at €7,500 ($10,200), the item is made of 9K pink gold and set with a round cut, 0.2-carat near colorless diamond and 15 side stones.

Custom laser-inscribed by IGI, the pendant’s primary diamond features the Magnum logo and “25 years of pleasure”.

“IGI was happy to contribute to such a fun and creative initiative,” said IGI Worldwide Chief Operating Officer Deborah Pienica. “Aside from the originality of the design itself, this was a unique opportunity for two industries that do not typically work together to collaborate. We were proud to offer our services and play a part in Magnum’s ‘25 years of pleasure’ celebration.”