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Liori Diamonds Engagement Survey Shows Growing Interest in Black Diamonds

Liori Diamonds Engagement Survey Shows Growing Interest in Black Diamonds

Rapaport | Dec 3, 2014 4:30 PM By Liori Diamonds

Press Release: Liori Diamonds, a leading brand in the area of handcrafted diamond jewelry, recently revealed the findings of its customer case study. One of the most interesting insights revolved around how much people were willing to experiment with their engagement rings in terms of design and, especially, the color of the diamonds. The white bling factor is most prevalent, but there are an increasing number of people who are buying black diamond engagement rings.

The company sees this shift due to consumer tastes preferring an individual style, which is becoming more pronounced across the younger consumers of the day. The study also highlighted the changing perceptions among new age brides as they prefer to stand apart from the norm and be noticed for sartorial choices rather than for simply following tradition. Black diamond rings are titillating for the groom, too, who is gladly picking out a symbol of commitment that makes the couple "uber cool," contemporary and stylish.

The study further revealed that societal pressures on marriage remain in place, with a focus on everything being perfect for the special day. However, couples are open to the idea of experimenting with venues, decor themes, catering selection and, of course, the key element: the black diamond engagement rings.

Our consumer study was aimed at spotting trends among couples who are betrothed and how they like to express their love and commitment. While, the white bridal dress still remains the popular choice, the rings couples select have some interesting twists. We are seeing an increasing number of couples going for our collection of black diamonds in recent times.

In the words of a recently engaged young woman, Carrie, "My boyfriend proposed to me with a stunning black diamond engagement ring and I found it very different and exciting. I love flaunting it on my finger, as it makes heads turn wherever I go."

Her fiancé, Paul, added, "She likes to stand out in a crowd and I wanted to make it extra special for her. She likes to walk to her own beat and this was the best way to display my love and commitment to her."

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