Monday 02 February 2015

What's Your Love Worth this Valentine's Day

What's Your Love Worth this Valentine's Day


ANTWERP, 2 FEBRUARY 2015 - To celebrate Langerman Diamonds' 50th Valentine's Day as the world's foremost merchants of color diamonds, we invite you to capture your Valentine's heart with a little help from Facebook. Welcome to the first diamond sale where the final price is determined by Facebook "shares".


UPDATE 14 February, Valentine's Day

The Pink Valentine is now ready!  To buy the diamond before it goes back into the vault for another 50 years, write to CEO Natacha Langerman at natacha[at] The subject must be "Pink Valentine" and the message must include your intent to purchase.

See the current price and final cut of the Pink Valentine on our Facebook page!


Prove your love on Facebook

On 7 February, an image of Langerman's "Pink Valentine" rough diamond was posted on our Facebook page. At that moment, the Pink Valentine package was on sale for a reserve price of US $50,000. Until 14 February or the day it sells (whichever comes first), the sale price will increase another US $100 every time someone shares that Facebook post.

Langerman Diamonds will donate half of what you pay in Facebook "shares" to your Valentine's favorite charity.

If it does not sell by the end of Valentine's Day 14 February 2015, the Pink Valentine will return to Langerman's private collection for another 50 years.


What you get for the sale price

The Pink Valentine package comprises:

  • Ownership of the Pink Valentine diamond (0.55 carat radiant cut diamond, natural fancy purplish pink, clarity VS1.)
  • Half of the value of Facebook "shares" donated to a charity of your Valentine's choice
  • A live video message from Arthur Langerman on Valentine's Day
  • A certificate for the diamond
  • Cutting/polishing of the diamond
  • Expert advice on jewelry options
  • Custom made ring, necklace or brooch featuring the diamond (value of jewelry up to 10% of the sale price) 
  • Laser incription of a name on the diamond
  • Shipping and handling
  • Invitation to personally inspect the diamond in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Win your Valentine's heart with a little help from Facebook. And be a part of history. 


How to buy the Pink Valentine

To buy the Pink Valentine package, write to CEO Natacha Langerman at natacha[at] with the subject "Pink Valentine", in order to express your intent to purchase. Only emails with that subject will be considered for this sale.

The sale price will be US $50,000 plus US $100 for every Facebook share accrued on the original Pink Valentine post at the time we receive your email with intent to purchase. The first customer to pay a 20% deposit on the sale price will get the diamond package. We accept bank wires, credit cards, Paypal and Bitcoin.

NOTE: USD exchange rates as of purchase time apply. VAT may apply for Europeans. Langerman Diamonds reserves the right to withdraw the Pink Valentine diamond from sale at any time.


A message from CEO Natacha Langerman

This is a very special year for us at Langerman Diamonds. It's been 50 years since my father, Arthur Langerman, set up his own business as a diamond cutter and merchant.

Back then, color diamonds weren't recognized for their beauty and value as they are today. Today, pink diamonds alone are growing in value around 5 times faster than their colorless cousins.

When Australia's Argyle Mine, which produces 90% of the world's natural pink diamonds, started operations in the mid-1980s, my father was one of their very first customers. His first purchase included a pink diamond he dubbed the "Pink Valentine" for its characteristic hue. The diamond remained in his private collection for the past 28 years. Until now.

If it doesn't sell this Valentine's Day, this truly unique diamond package will go on sale again in 50 years. Is your love worth enough to buy it now?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Natacha Langerman

CEO Langerman Diamonds

Antwerp, Belgium