Wednesday 11 February 2015

Facebook Users Push the Pink Valentine Diamond Above $100k

Facebook Users Push the Pink Valentine Diamond Above $100k


ANTWERP, 11 February - The world's biggest color diamond merchant is celebrating its 50th Valentine's Day by increasing the price of the "Pink Valentine" diamond whenever a post is shared on Facebook.

Arthur Langerman is not all that keen to sell this diamond. It's been part of his collection since the 1980s, when he dubbed the Argyle Mine rough the "Pink Valentine" for its characteristic hue.

So we're adding US $100 to the 50k reserve price every time someone shares the Facebook post. As a result, the Pink Valentine now costs over $100,000 (500+ shares). We believe this amount should discourage any potential buyers, enticing as the Pink Valentine package is.

The price continues to climb as every Facebook share widens the search for an unlikely buyer.

And what if the diamond doesn't sell by Valentine's Day? "I'll put it back in my private collection and it will be there for the next 50 years." says Arthur Langerman.

He really doesn't want to sell the diamond.



Learn more here about the Pink Valentine diamond package and how to buy it.

Follow the cutting and polishing process at #MyPinkValentine.

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