Wednesday 04 March 2015

Make Your Diamond Jewelry Even More Unique

Make Your Diamond Jewelry Even More Unique

Did you know that you can acquire real color diamond for as little as 20 dollars? Colored diamonds can make your handcrafted jewelry even more unique and special. It will also add value and desirability to your artwork.

Engagement is the most special occasion, and many customers are looking beyond major jewelry brands. Color diamonds are at the heart of a unique and bespoke design. Diamond can bring buzz to a futuristic design, a vintage replica or a sparkling upgrade to grandma’s ring. With colored diamond you can merge new and desirable, make unique jewelry. Make your customers’ eyes sparkle.

Many small and medium jewelry makers already offering this bespoke service.  Start with offering your clients selection of color diamonds, so they choose one or more you can integrate in your designs. Langerman Diamonds can offer you an advice on how to start a small portfolio of diamonds. We already know what are the most popular colors and sizes, and we can offer you the best rates.

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, MJSA Expo 2015 is taking place in a few days in New York. It is exciting to see growing numbers of small and medium designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Jewelry industry is clearly booming. If you are in New York these days visit the exhibition, or even join 'Chasing Rainbows' workshop given by Deborah A. Yonick on how color diamonds continue to gain ground in today’s market.

MJSA Expo New York, March 8-10, 2015, Hilton New York.