Friday 06 March 2015

Cartier Watch Wants Vibrating Diamonds To Be a Woman's Best Friend

Cartier Watch Wants Vibrating Diamonds To Be a Woman's Best Friend

It’s called the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Vibrating Diamond Setting watch and it presents its fortunate female wearer a very unique way of enjoying diamonds on the dial of a timepiece. Do the diamonds really vibrate? Is there a therapeutic action to rapidly gyrating precious stones? These are pretty salient questions, given the intentionally tantalizing name behind Cartier’s most interesting new jewelry watch for 2015.

Truly vibrating diamonds? Not exactly – though Cartier likely knew exactly what it was doing, it decided to put “Vibrating” in the name of a high-end luxury timepiece for women that happens to be completely covered in diamonds. A bit of context for a minute; this watch is part of the larger Ballon Bleu timepiece collection that has been extremely successful for Cartier since it was released several years ago. While Cartier produces Ballon Bleu style watches for men and women, its main appeal as a timepiece, in my opinion, is for the ladies. Diamonds have been good for Cartier, and the Ballon Bleu watch has always been a welcome recipient of some bling. This isn’t the first time Cartier has managed to bathe a Ballon Bleu with diamonds, but what is new is how the diamonds are uniquely set on the dial.

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