Thursday 19 March 2015

Minecraft is right about Green Diamonds

Minecraft is right about Green Diamonds

As a someone with young children with access to online games, one cannot escape their interest in Minecraft (Mojang). Especially now when there are Minecraft Lego sets available and Lego Movie based on Minecraft is in making by Warner Bros.

The other day I overheard my boys talking about green diamonds. This had raised my interest and it turned out that green diamonds are the most sought after commodity in the game. Not only as objects of beauty but very much needed for Minecraft progress.

I nature, green diamonds are amongst the most beautiful natural color diamonds. Furthermore, next to other colors green diamonds are very different. Green diamonds can contain clustered nitrogen atoms or they can contain no nitrogen atoms - what gives them their color is that they have been bombarded by nuclear rays during their growth. This bombardment makes them absorb magenta wavelengths, which gives them their green color. These diamonds are extremely rare. So, Minecraft is spot on!

Let’s hope that further talk on green diamonds in games and movies can bring to attention these most natural and most rare object of beauty. At Langerman Diamonds we have several green diamonds on offer. Such as this beautiful Natural Green diamond Cushion 1.66 ct polished.

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