Sunday 14 June 2015

Homemade Jewelry: 3D Print in Gold

Homemade Jewelry: 3D Print in Gold

It is exciting to read about technological advances in jewelry manufacturing. Metal 3D printing is becoming big business.  Using metal links that allows for the production of complex and essential components in every industry, from aerospace to medicine. One or most advanced metal ink printers has currently being developed by George Kriel.

Kriel, who has a background in mechanical engineering and precious metals, says, “Our focus has been on precious metals and we have developed and formulated several precious metal inks such as pure Gold, 18ct white/yellow and rose Gold, Pure Silver/930 Silver, Pure Palladium/950Palladium and are finalising a pure Platinum and 950Platinum ink.“

Kriel thinks that this technology could prove beneficial for micro and small businesses, such as jewelry manufacturers. 

Needless to say, gold ring still needs a diamond and what would be better than a beautiful color diamond from Langerman collection.

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