Wednesday 29 July 2015

Diamonds Prices Resist, as Gold Prices Fall

Diamonds Prices Resist, as Gold Prices Fall

Even as the gold prices continued to fall, the prices of diamonds are on a firm ground, said leading jewellers.

"There is no fall in diamond prices. Rather we have witnessed the changing consumer preference to invest in diamonds. The young generations of clients are purchasing diamonds both as an investment and to wear it as a style statement for diverse social occasions," Suraj Shantakumar, director, business strategy, Kirtilals told agency.

He said customers are keen on buying diamond jewellery due to uncertain gold price.

"Both gold and diamond jewelllery are trending similarly. People tend to buy coins for investment but only jewellery fills the need for ornamentation and simultaneously provides a good long term investment and value too," Naresh Mehta, partner at Mehta Jewellery, told agency.

Though in the business of making gold jewellery, Mehta said they do not speculate in yellow metal prices so as to stock up when prices fall.

"We replenish out stocks as they sell at the same prices," he said. -

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