Wednesday 02 December 2015

Buy a Diamond For the Person You Love Most — Yourself

Buy a Diamond For the Person You Love Most — Yourself

[by Meghan O'Keefe]

Don't wait around for Santa to bring you diamonds!

Linda Delcher isn’t waiting around for a man to buy her a diamond ring this holiday season. As she strides into the 1884 Collection, it’s clear she’s doing that all by herself. And why shouldn’t she? “Buying jewelry makes me happy!” she exclaims, “My desire to own – or as Elizabeth Taylor said act as the guardian for – beautiful, intriguing pieces that tell a story or evoke a feeling."

And that’s easier to do when she picks those pieces out for herself, as she notes that, for her, buying jewelry is like buying clothes.

50 years ago, she might have had to wait around for a man to give her pieces, and hope he got the right ones when Christmas rolled around. A woman buying her own jewelry might even feel a sense of shame that she didn’t have a lover showering her with gems. But today, the only shame women feel is if her bonus wasn’t big enough to afford her a flawless one.

“Nowadays, women are independent,” says Manuel Carrera, founder of the Spanish jewelry firm Carrera y Carrera. “The contemporary woman doesn’t need to wait for her boyfriend or her husband to buy her a jewelry piece.”

We at Langerman totaly agree with the fact that women today are buying more and more for themselves. It proves we're independent and love to spoil ourselves.

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