Monday 09 July 2018

Alrosa Found a Soccer Ball Shaped Diamond!

Alrosa Found a Soccer Ball Shaped Diamond!

On July 4, Alrosa, the Russian mining giant has unearthed a diamond that bears a resemblance to a soccer ball.  The 0.50-carat stone was found at the company’s Karpinskaya-1 pipe, located in the northern Arkhangelsk Region and operated by the miner’s subsidiary Severalmaz.

The governor of Arkhangelsk Region, Igor Orlov, also suggested that the football-shaped stone should be named after Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.

"Nature creates different whimsical shapes, but it’s the first time that we came across a diamond looking just like a soccer ball,” a spokesperson for the Russian miner said in a statement.

By YDCDL - Sources: Alrosa / Rapaport
Picture credit: Alrosa