Monday 03 June 2019

Bubble Gum Pink Diamond Sells for $7.5M

Bubble Gum Pink Diamond Sells for $7.5M

[Christie's - Hong Kong, 28 May] A gorgeous and extremely rare pink diamond fetched $2.2 million per carat at latest at Christie’s Hong Kong auction.

The "Bubble Gum Pink" described by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a "Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, internally flawless, cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond of 3.43 carats" has been sold for an impressive $7.5 million. 



Some buyers prefered diamonds in darker colors and bid on a stunning ring with a Fancy Dark Gray rectangular-cut diamond of 2.70 carats flanked with two Fancy Intense Pink pear brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.30 and 0.25 carats. The superb ring fetched $207.000.


Chinese buyers showed special interest in other colorful stars of the auction: Ring sets respectively with a Fancy pink-brown pear brilliant-cut diamond of 2.63 carats, a Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow oval brilliant-cut diamond of 3.70 carats and a Fancy Brown-Yellow pear brilliant-cut diamond of 11.03 carats.




Other highlights were two important Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds. One Fancy Vivid pear brilliant-cut diamond of 11.01 carats was sold for nearly $600 000 and the other one, a rectangular-cut diamond of 8.13 carats, trapeze-shaped diamonds fetched $1 050 000.

And buyers from around the world were in love with those stunning multi-color diamond earrings:

Earrings set with a Fancy Deep Yellow modified rectangular brilliant-cut of 3.42 carats, a Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow diamond of 3.11 carats and vari-cut multi-color diamonds ($77 000).





Earrings set with ten pear-shaped multi-color diamonds ranging from Fancy Vivid, Fancy Intense, to Fancy, Light Gray, Pink, Brown-Pink, Pink-Purple, Yellowish Green, Green-Yellow, Yellow, Greenish Yellow, Yellow-Orange color and two Fancy Gray-Blue diamonds. The total certified weight of the diamonds is 11.11 carats ($320 000).


It's very rare to see that many beautiful color diamonds at the same auction.


Pictures courtesy: Christie's