Monday 07 January 2019

Color Diamonds Expected to Shine in 2019

Color Diamonds Expected to Shine in 2019

[By Fang Block - Barron's]  "Colored diamonds, which have natural pink, blue, yellow, and other brilliant hues, will continue to be closely sought-after by collectors and investors in 2019, according to Russian diamond group Alrosa.

“Colored diamonds appreciate even in turbulent times against the backdrop of instability of the world economy,” says Yuri Okoyemov, vice president at Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond mining company by volume. “We expect fancy diamonds to become ever more popular investments in the near future.”

Alrosa auctions colored diamonds twice a year. Last September, its “True Colours” auction in Hong Kong sold a total of US$9 million worth of colored diamonds.

Tracked by Knight Frank as one of 10 luxury investment assets along with jewelry in general, art, wine, watches, and cars,  the value of colored diamonds has appreciated 70% in the last decade, according to The 2018 Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index." Read More