Monday 18 January 2016

Engagement rings are about to look a lot different

Engagement rings are about to look a lot different

[Noelle Sciacca]

Engagement rings aren't immune to trends. The practice and styles have changed throughout history.

Some researchers suggest Neanderthals marked their mates by tying cords around their fingers, wrists and waists. It was a physical representation of their spirits being bound together. Ancient Egyptians sealed a marriage for all eternity with leather, bone and braided hemp rings. Early Romans used metal jewelry as a sign of ownership, placing a ring on the fourth finger of the woman's left hand. They believed the finger held the Vena Amoris, or Vein of Love, that connected directly to the heart.

While that particular theory is false (all fingers have a similar vein structure), the designated ring finger has stood the test of time.

Today a diamond engagement ring is the most popular Western symbol of romance and outward declaration of committed love. But even this style is transforming.

In the early 2000s it seemed every bride-to-be rocked a princess cut stone nestled in a channel setting. Modern aesthetics eventually took a back seat as antique styles gained popularity. Vintage rings were then followed by a rise in round stones with double halos, giving the illusion of a larger center diamond. Most recently, minimal millennials are getting down on one knee with simple solitaires.

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