Wednesday 29 November 2017

Hong-Kong Loves Pink Diamonds

Hong-Kong Loves Pink Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds were in high demand at the November 28th Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Hong Kong auction.

The headliner was a stunning pink diamond set in a platinum ring and surrounded by diamonds. Known  as the "Pink Promised Diamond", it fetched $32 million (HKD 250 million). 

Mr Stephen Silver -renowned for his ability to procure, design and handcraft fine jewelry and gemstones- bought this stone in 2013. Straight away, he saw the magnificent potential for this Type IIa diamond. 

Diamonds are categorized into two main types: I and II  (subsequently subdivided in IIa and IIb), depending on the nitrogen present it the structure. Type IIa is the purest.

Together with a great lapidary, Mr Silver, decided to recut this originally Fancy Intense pink. A risky gamble as some precious carat would be lost, and as improving the light return and visual performance of the stone was not a certainty at all.  It turned out that Mr Silver, was damned right! 

The 16.21-carat Fancy Intense pink was regraded 14.93-carat Fancy Vivid Pink VVS1 and described by Christie's as the "Picasso of the Pink Diamond world". A statement easily understood when it sold for approximately $2.13 million per carat.

By YDCDL - Langerman Diamonds
Picture courtesy: Christie's