Thursday 26 January 2017

Investors Join the Ranks of Wealthy Collectors

Investors Join the Ranks of Wealthy Collectors

[Source: The Wall Street Journalby Laurence Fletcher and Art Patnaude]  Many investors have been disappointed by returns from other assets and have moved into an area once the preserve of wealthy collectors. High-price purchases of colored diamonds have become more commonplace in recent years.

According to the annual Wealth Report published by London-based property broker Knight Frank, color diamond prices have increased nearly 122% in the past decade, whilst classic wine prices have risen around 240% and top-end vintage car prices have increased nearly 460% in the same period. 

There has “absolutely” been a growth in the number of investors buying colored diamonds, says Eden Rachminov, managing partner of Tel-Aviv-based Rachminov Diamonds, one of the world’s biggest cutters of colored diamonds.

For further information see article:  "Demand Soars for Colored Diamonds" written by Laurence Fletcher and Art Patnaude: