Thursday 16 March 2017

Merlin Recovers Green Diamonds in Australia

Merlin Recovers Green Diamonds in Australia

[RAPAPORT]  Merlin Diamonds has recovered five green diamonds in its Australian mining operations, following the discovery of a rare blue diamond in December.

Green Diamond Langerman 

Merlin Diamonds Limited is the owner of the Merlin diamond mine, in the Northern Territory, Australia.

The Merlin diamond mine is famous for producing large, high clarity, super white, and high value diamonds. Australia’s largest diamond, a 104.73 carat stone, was discovered at Merlin.

The largest of the green diamonds weighs 1.4 carats, and another is 0.21 carats. Meanwhile, independent experts are inspecting other green diamonds from the Merlin mine besides these five, the company said Tuesday. 

“The recovery of these green diamonds is highly encouraging and follows Merlin Diamonds’ previous discovery of a rare blue diamond in December 2016, demonstrating the mine’s potential for producing valuable colored diamonds,” the company said. 

The latest diamonds surfaced at the Kaye pit, part of the Merlin mine operations that the company acquired from Rio Tinto in 2004. 

The Merlin mine has produced the largest diamond ever found in Australia, which weighed in at 104 carats. Since Merlin Diamonds recommenced mining there at the end of 2016, the company has produced a 35.3-carat diamond. 

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Images by:  Merlin Diamonds Ltd via Rapaport / Langerman Diamonds