Thursday 24 March 2016

Mom's Ring, Remade

Mom's Ring, Remade

[Ginanne Brownell Mitic]  

When Jaleh Shahmanesh inherited her mother’s wedding ring, she knew she would treasure it but never wear it.

The blue sapphire, surrounded by diamonds and set in white gold, was almost 100 years old and typical of the ornate rings popular in Iran in those days. Ms. Shahmanesh, born in Iran and now living in London, does not like white gold and felt the setting was too old-fashioned.

But instead of letting it gather dust in her jewelry box, she took it to Fiona Knapp, a British-based jewelry designer and gemologist from New Zealand. During a number of meetings they discussed how Ms. Shahmanesh planned to wear the ring, her personal style and her own design ideas for the piece.

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