Wednesday 01 June 2016

The “Aurora Green”, a Unique Fancy Vivid Green Diamond

The “Aurora Green”, a Unique Fancy Vivid Green Diamond

[Langerman Diamonds]  A few days ago, Chow Tai Fook, considered to be China's largest jewelry retailer (member of the Hang Seng China 50 Index and Hang Seng Mainland 100 Index) bought the world’s largest natural Fancy vivid green diamond for a record $16.8 million, or $3.3 million per carat, at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.

The stone of 5.03-carat has VS2 clarity and no fluorescence, which is extremely rare. It is the largest Fancy vivid green natural color diamond ever graded by the GIA as of Jan 2016.


The Fancy vivid green diamond is set in a pink diamond halo ring setting. 

Because green is a very desirable color in Asia, it is not a surprise that the highest bidder for this unique color comes from there.
The previous auction record for a green diamond was held by the “Ocean Dream,” a 5.5-carat fancy vivid blue-green diamond. The triangular-cut diamond, was mounted within a sculpted rock crystal, pavé-set diamond and pink diamond ring in platinum and gold. It was sold for $8.6 million at Christie’s Geneva in May 2014.
By YDCDL - Langerman Diamonds
Source & images Courtesy: Christie's