Wednesday 27th July 2022

170 Carat Pink Diamond Recovered in Lulo Mine

A 170 carat rare Pink Diamond was found in the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola. According to Lucapa Diamond Co,  this may be the largest pink diamond recovered over  the past 300 hundred years.

The diamond was named “Lulo Rose” and will be sold in an international tender organized by Sodiam E.P, the Angolan Government owned Diamond Company.

The Lulo concession already holds the two largest diamonds found in Angola, the biggest one being a 404 carat diamond named “4th February Stone”. The Lulo Rose has become the 5th largest stone  recovered by the group.

For more information read Lucarpa’s Press Release here


Picture courtesy: Lucapa

Tags: Pink Diamond, Lucapa, Lulo Mine, Angola

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