Chameleon diamonds are natural color diamonds that change between two colors with either heat or light conditions. They can change color from orange to olive and yellow to olive, and vice-versa.

Chameleon diamonds are a truly spectacular miracle of nature. It is however important to keep in mind that the light or temperature conditions required to provoke a change of color in a chameleon diamond can be fairly extreme. It is not uncommon that one week of total darkness is necessary to change the color of a light-sensitive chameleon diamond, which will then change back to its other color in 30 to 60 seconds, when brought out to daylight. For a heat-sensitive chameleon diamond, it usually has to be heated over a gas burner or similar in order to change color, to then quickly change back to its other color when temperature conditions go back to normal.

Chameleon diamonds are therefore more of a collector’s item than a common choice for a jewel, but even though they demand specific conditions to change color, it is of course a special treasure to have in your possession.