Pink diamonds are among the rarest, and at the same time most popular and sought-after natural color diamonds.

Almost 100% of the natural pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia, where production is coming to an end as the closure of the mine is planned for 2018. The pink diamonds found in the Argyle mine today are mostly smaller stones, and the production of more important stones, over 1.50 carat, is therefore more or less over. This increasing rarity and the popularity of pink diamonds have led to a steep rise of prices, which have increased 100 times since 25 years. Consequently, pink diamonds have become more and more interesting for mid- to long-term investments.

Pure pink diamonds and purplish pink diamonds are the most expensive of the pink diamonds, but it is important to keep in mind that just by adding a tiny streak of yellow, orange or brown, the old rose and burgundy colors, they become more affordable.

Pink diamonds have been exposed to a tremendous pressure when rising through the earth, which is thought to be the origin of their color. However, this pressure also affects their clarity, and it is consequently rare to find pink diamonds with a very good clarity. It is important to keep this fact in mind when choosing your pink diamond, and to remember that as long as they do not have a negative effect on the beauty of the diamond, some impurities in pink diamonds is perfectly ok.

Something else that is typical for pink diamonds is that the growth lines in the crystal are often visible, which can give them a slightly dim appearance in the center of the stone. This is a completely natural phenomenon, and not considered as an imperfection. 

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