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Monday 21st November 2016

Hot Deals

If you are looking for a diamond to treat yourself but can’t afford that gorgeous pear shaped pink diamond you’ve always dreamed of, then you should keep an eye on our Hot Deals.
At Langerman Diamonds, we have decided to create this price range for stones that are of a lower quality. They are natural color diamonds that don’t reach the price they should because they have small imperfections like tiny inclusions. For that reason we don’t find it necessary to provide a certificate for these stones. However, they sparkle as much as a more perfect diamond, and can be found in colors that would otherwise make them extremely expensive. Thanks to the Hot Deals, you can have the opportunity to spoil yourself with an exquisite stone for an affordable price. Because you don’t always purchase a color diamond just to make a good investment: most of the time, you just fall in love with it!

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