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A Guide to Natural Pink Diamonds

A Guide to Natural Pink Diamonds

Color diamonds represent less than 0,01% of diamond production worldwide. With only one in every ten thousand diamonds being a colored diamond, they are the epitome of luxury jewelry.

Most natural fancy color diamonds get their spectacular hues from trace elements that came in contact with the pure carbon structure during the gem’s formation—a process that took place millions of years ago. But the star of this post, the natural pink diamond, has a different origin.


Emerald cut, natural Burgundy pink diamond.


In this guide, you will discover:

  • What gives pink diamonds their natural color?

  • The rare Argyle pink diamonds and why their value will continue to increase.

  • The extraordinary range of hues pink diamonds can display.

  • Famous pink diamonds and Langerman’s collections.


What are natural pink diamonds? 

The presence of hydrogen, nitrogen, and boron atoms in a diamond’s crystalline structure, results in the stone displaying different colors. The higher concentration of atoms, the more intense the color will be. But the romantic hue in pink diamonds likely comes from a crystal lattice deformation called ‘graining’. Scientists believe this phenomenon to have been caused by extreme pressure during the diamond’s journey rising through the Earth’s crust. The truth is, the origin of a diamond’s pink hue is still an intriguing mystery. 

Learn more about the origin of natural color diamonds.


Incredible 0.51 carat marquise cut Fancy Deep Orangy Pink diamond.

Out of the 4C’s of diamond quality, color is the most important factor to determine the value of pink diamonds. Even more so than cut, or clarity. Cut, however, is used creatively to bring out the color. Shapes like the marquise, pear and emerald cuts have larger windows that allow diamonds to show their color. That’s why for natural color diamonds, fancy shapes are more popular than the brilliant cut.


The increasing rarity of Argyle diamonds


Langerman’s bespoke archives / Elegant 0.30 carat old rose pear cut diamond set in 18Kt rose gold.


Pink diamonds are only a tiny percentage of the already scarce natural fancy color diamonds. Throughout history, pink diamonds have been sourced from different locations. The Kollur and Agra mines in India produced quite extraordinary specimens during the 17th and 18th centuries. Pink diamonds have also been found in Russia, South Africa, Central Africa, and Brazil. 

Four-prong Earring with Purplish Pink Octagon Diamond

But for the last 37 years, almost 90% of all pink diamonds in the world came from one single place: the Argyle mine in Australia. Every year they held an exclusive auction to sell their limited inventory of remarkable pink diamonds with the higher carat weights and more intense colors. The famous mine ceased operations recently in November 2020, sparking an even higher interest in acquiring Argyle pink diamonds. With the primary source of pink diamonds exhausted, their value and price will continue to rise, thus attracting more investors and collectors. 


3 Famous Pink Diamonds


The Daria-i-Noor (Sea of Light) is a natural pink diamond weighing 182 carats.


  1. The Daria-i-Noor
    Meaning ‘Sea of light’ in Persian, the Daria-i-Noor weighs 182 carats, making it one of the largest cut pink diamonds in the world. Mined in present-day Andhra Pradesh, India, the gem is now part of the collection of the Iranian National Jewels.

  2. The Noor-ul-Ain
    ‘The light of the eye’ diamond, also of Indian origin, is an oval cut, pale pink diamond weighing around 60 carats. The stone is the center gem of a tiara that bears the same name. The tiara forms part of the Iranian crown jewels held at the National Treasury of Iran. 

The Graff Pink, 24.78 carats fancy pink diamond.


  1. The Graff Pink
    The rare 24.78 carats fancy intense pink diamond has an emerald cut. This impressive gem made the news worldwide when it was sold for £29 million in Geneva in 2010—making it the most expensive single jewel ever sold at an auction at the time.


Celebrities And Their Fancy Pink Diamonds

Natural fancy color diamonds are highly coveted gems found on royal tiaras, brooches, and other historical fine jewelry pieces. They are exclusive, and celebrities have taken notice.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the first celebs to receive a pink diamond engagement ring back in 2002. Ben Affleck proposed with a 6.10 carats fancy intense pink radiant cut diamond with white diamond side accents.

Ryan Reynolds dazzled Blake Lively when he proposed with a beautiful oval cut blush pink diamond set in a rose gold band.

Mariah Carey and Anna Kournikova have also sported lavish pink diamond engagement rings.

Experience the glamorous feel of wearing natural pink diamonds.


The Many Colors of Fancy Pink Diamonds

Langerman’s bespoke archives

Langerman’s bespoke archives / Outstanding pear cut pink diamond set in rose gold and platinum with a contrasting double halo of white and pink diamonds.

Color diamonds are typically organized into different color-intensity categories from Faint to Fancy Deep. But color is so diverse that it seems restrictive to think of it within the limits of an eight-name scale. At Langerman, we have developed our own color classification system and named over 300 hues of natural color diamonds, giving them more evocative names. Raspberry and baby pink are some terms we use to refer to a specific shade of pink diamonds.

A spoonful of melee pink diamonds.

 Pure pink diamonds command higher prices, but the presence of secondary colors like yellow or brown creates gorgeous, interesting hues. From very light Old Rose to deep Burgundy, there’s a Langerman pink diamond for every taste.

With our bespoke service, we can create a unique pink diamond design.


Langerman’s Fancy Pink Diamond Jewelry

Romantic Pink Cushion Cut Diamond Pendant


This white and rose gold pendant features a stunning 1.50 carat light pink cushion cut diamond, surrounded by a double halo of matching melee diamonds.


Delicate Pink Diamonds and Halo Studs

If you feel involved with the pendant above, this pair of earrings would make a perfect set. Brilliant round cut pink diamonds are set in rose gold and encircled by a white diamond halo set in white gold.


Dreamy Pink Diamond Pavé Ring


This luxurious yet discreet cocktail ring is handcrafted in white gold and masterfully pavé-set with natural pink diamonds. Create your own pink diamond jewel.


Spiral Multi Band Pear Cut Pink Diamond Ring


A splendid 0.50 carat pear cut pink diamond set in rose gold lies at the center of a multi-band ring with pavé white diamond details.

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