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Wednesday 27th July 2022

How To Choose A Color Diamond Statement Ring

You may have already heard “wow that is a statement piece”, but do you know what this means? Statement jewelry is a broad category; it includes any oversized or bold-looking piece. Wooden bangles and glass bead necklaces also fit into this class. But diamond statement jewelry is the most luxurious subset. And if the diamonds are colored, it adds an extra layer of rarity.

In this article, we will focus on natural color diamond statement rings.

  • Statement vs. cocktail rings: Is there a difference?

  • How to wear a natural color diamond statement ring

  • 5 statement ring styles to know


Cocktail or Statement Ring?

The Origin of Cocktail Rings

Cocktails were invented during the American Prohibition in the 1920s to disguise bootlegged alcohol and make low-quality mixes drinkable. Cocktail parties became popular among the upper classes. It was certainly an interesting time for women. They could smoke, drink, and enjoy themselves at social events. Women’s fashion at the time was transitioning into a more glamorous, extravagant, even decadent style. Larger jewelry pieces were highly sought-after. The bigger the stone, the better. This is how the cocktail ring came to be.

A cocktail ring is a statement ring made with a sizable center stone. The massive Black diamond ring below is both a cocktail and a statement ring.

60 ct Pear Cut Black Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18kt White Gold.


What Is The Difference Between a Cocktail And A Statement Ring?

Cocktail rings may have smaller side stones or halos, but the main focus is always the center stone. On the other hand, a statement ring can feature multiple diamonds, big or small. As long as the design looks more prominent than the typical diamond ring, it falls into the ‘statement’ group.

Pear Cut Pink Diamond Statement Ring With Matching Pink Diamond Pavé.


How To Wear A Color Diamond Statement Ring

Bold jewelry can seem intimidating at first. You may think you need a special occasion to wear your bulky rings. In the past, the more extravagant pieces were reserved for formal events or luxurious parties. But nowadays, you don’t really need an excuse to wear your oversized pieces. The secret to versatility lies in styling. From casual chic to full glam. How you combine your rings will set the overall mood of your look. 

Let Your Color Diamond Ring Shine On Its Own

Wearing a single statement ring feels very elegant and polished. Avoid adding any bracelets or more bands as this will focus all the attention on your statement piece while maintaining a refined appearance.

Fancy Burgundy Diamond Statement Ring With Baguette And Pavé Diamonds.


Balance Out your Ring Stack

If you are looking for a more casual way to style your rings, add more! Believe it or not, layering multiple pieces creates a less serious look. The trick is to add minimalist rings to the mix. You can wear numerous eternity rings on one hand and a statement ring on the other. This stack will elevate any casual outfit or soften any formal look. 

Check Out Our Guide To Creating A Color Diamond Ring Stack


4 Statement Ring Styles To Know

  1. Swirly Color Diamond Rings

Statement rings in this style will often recreate naturalist motifs. Waves, branches, or delicate, ornamental swirls. They tend to be delicate in weight, but complex in their design. Take, for example, the stunning 18k yellow gold ring below. This Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond statement ring is made of intricate pavé swirls. 

Langerman Bespoke Statement Ring With Natural Yellow Diamonds.


  1. Domed Diamond Pavé Rings

Domed rings add texture and dimension to your look. The following combination of Steel blue diamonds with white gold sets the mood to be styled with a cool-toned outfit.

Cocktail Statement Ring in White Gold With Blue Diamond Pavé.


With a very similar design, our next piece features an architectural, overflowing upper detail that’s been exquisitely embellished with a pavé of Yellow diamonds. 

Asymmetrical Yellow Gold Ring With Tapered Pavé of Yellow Diamonds.


  1. Symbolic Statement Rings

 The layout and setting of the color diamonds can recreate real-life objects and animals. These designs will often have a symbolic meaning. 

Three Heart-shaped Leaf Clover Ring With Fancy Color Diamonds.


The stunning ring above is handcrafted in white and yellow gold and set with three heart shaped diamonds. Each 0.30 carat stone bears a different color: Cognac, Apricot, and Intense Yellow. The heart cut diamonds are surrounded by a halo of color-matching small diamonds. And the center features a dainty, round cut Burgundy diamond. This bespoke piece represents blessings and love.

Fancy Diamond Butterfly Ring From Langerman.


The Diamond Butterfly Statement Ring above is another exceptional piece from our bespoke gallery. Butterflies are regarded as the embodiment of positive change and metamorphosis. A diamond butterfly ring can mark a transformative milestone or a significant shift. 

  1. Diamond Cigar Bands

Cigar bands are, typically, wide men’s rings. But the style is becoming more popular in women’s diamond jewelry.

The impressive cigar band below is made of multiple Amber, Cognac, Bronze, and Olive marquise cut diamonds with color-matching halos. The sparkling stones are set in a continuous row, framed by two natural Bronze diamonds pavé-set, slim bands. 


Statement Diamond Cigar Band For Women.


  1. Multi-Diamond Statement Rings

Different kinds of diamond rings feature multiple stones, like a Past-Present-Future engagement ring or an eternity band. The key distinction here is the size. This means both the size of the diamonds and the overall piece. The design has to have some degree of drama to stand out.

Bespoke Color Diamond Cluster Ring.


This magnificent cluster ring is a bespoke piece commissioned by one of our creative clients. The ring can continue to be designed after being gifted by adding a diamond to celebrate each birthday or wedding anniversary for example. 

Experimental Statement Ring With Five Natural Color Diamonds.


Our clients never cease to impress us with their exciting requests. Design your own custom statement ring to create a piece like the one above. Featuring five round cut diamonds, this enchanting two-toned design has an organic, experimental feel. The colors of the diamonds are, from left to right: Intense Green, Intense Yellow, Intense Orange, Intense Pink, and Intense Blue. 

At Langerman Diamonds, we can help you create the statement piece of your dreams with unique, natural color diamonds.


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