Friday 24 June 2022

A Guide to Natural Gray Diamonds

A Guide to Natural Gray Diamonds

When thinking about natural color diamonds, yellow or pink might come first to mind. But today we will explore the exclusive world of Gray diamonds: a mysterious color, often overlooked among the brighter, more vivid colors. Discover what makes celebrities like Sandra Oh and Phoebe Waller-Bridge gravitate towards gray diamond jewelry.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • What are gray diamonds? What causes their color?

  • Common misconceptions about Gray diamonds.

  • Famous fancy Gray diamonds.

  • Natural Gray diamond jewelry inspiration and buying tips.


What Exactly Are Gray Diamonds?


Natural fancy Gray diamonds are mined in South Africa, Australia, India, Russia, and Brazil. They owe their color to the presence of hydrogen atoms and sometimes to small amounts of nitrogen or boron. Pure Gray diamonds are hard to come by; they are even less common than Pink diamonds. Most fancy Gray diamonds will display traces of green, blue, or brown color undertones or modifiers. There’s a wide variety of hues within the gray spectrum. 

Learn more about Gray Diamonds in our Buying Guide


Demystifying Fancy Gray Diamonds

Grays are not the most popular of fancy natural color diamonds partly due to their rarity, but also because of some common misconceptions.

Myth #1: Gray Diamonds are cloudy and full of inclusions. 

The Truth: You might have heard about salt-and-pepper diamonds before, a popular variety of Gray diamonds. They owe their name to the presence of many large, visible inclusions. Yet, salt and pepper diamonds are only one of many possible gray hues. This leads to the common misconception that all Gray diamonds are heavily included. However, that is not the case. In fact, at Langerman, you will find many exceptional Gray diamonds with VS and VVS1 clarity grades. 

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Yin & Yang Diamond ring from Langerman featuring a Fancy Gray and an Orange Diamond.


Myth #2: Gray Diamonds don’t sparkle.

The Truth: Some Gray diamonds will display a more subtle sparkle, but this doesn’t mean all of thems have a dull and cloudy look. Fancy Gray diamonds can also have superb clarity; which means there is no negative impact on their brilliance. Our Steel diamonds have a beautiful sparkle, and our Silver diamonds have a unique, metallic scintillation.


An assortment of Langerman’s gray diamonds in different cuts.


Myth #3: Gray Diamonds have no value.

The Truth: This derives from the first myth; the idea that Gray diamonds have poor clarity makes people believe that they are cheap. Like any diamond with low Clarity, Color, and Cut grades, some Gray diamonds will have more accessible price points, but this does not apply to all of them. Many of these fancy  diamonds have achieved millionaire price tags at auction houses.

This 5.04 carat round brilliant cut, Fancy Gray-Blue diamond was sold at Christie’s New York for $2.29 million as part of their Magnificent Jewels sale.


Famous Fancy Gray Diamonds 

  1. The Hope Diamond
    One of the most famous diamonds in history, the Hope Diamond’s official color is Fancy Deep Grayish Blue. Previously known as "Le bleu de France”, it weighs 45.52 carat and is considered to be the largest Deep Grayish Blue diamond in the world.


  1. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
    It was originally a 35.56 carat Fancy Deep Grayish Blue VS2 diamond, with an unusual 82 facets cut pattern. In 2018, the Wittelsbach Diamond was sold at a Christie’s auction for $23.4 million to jeweler Laurence Graff who then recut the stone.


The Wittelsbach Diamond was a 35.56 carat Fancy Deep Grayish Blue Diamond.

  1. The Sultan of Morocco
    Weighing 35.27 carat, the Sultan of Morocco diamond has a Fancy Grayish Blue color. Not much is known about its origin although it’s speculated it was sourced from the Kollur mines in the old Sultanate of Golconda, India.


Gray Diamond Jewelry Inspiration


Fancy Deep Gray Radiant Cut Halo Engagement Ring


18k white gold ring featuring a 0.80 carat Fancy Deep Gray, radiant cut diamond, with a halo of white diamonds.

Gray diamonds are a chic alternative to the universal white diamond engagement ring. They are a perfect match for unconventional, non-traditional brides who want an especial ring that breaks away from the norm. This exquisite bespoke ring from our archives serves as an example of what a gray diamond engagement ring could look like. 

Possibilities are endless, design your own Gray Diamond Engagement Ring with Langerman.


Gray Diamond Cabochon Earrings with Halo


Cabochon Gray Diamond Earrings with White Diamond Halo.

The cabochon is a cutting technique where the top of the gemstone is polished to a beautifully smooth and round surface. While it’s a traditional cut for other gemstones, seeing it in diamonds is a rare and fascinating occasion. This stunning pair with a diamond halo and omega clip backs has a truly unique look. 

Modern Tension Ring with Natural Gray Diamond


White gold ring with a split band, embracing a 0.30 carat gray round brilliant cut diamond in a tension setting.

Tension settings are a masterful display of accuracy and craftsmanship. They give the illusion of a floating stone, held without prongs. This design, made with a 0.30 carat round brilliant natural gray diamond, has a contemporary, elegant feel.


What To Look For In A Gray Diamond

Look for a trustworthy source

Fancy Gray diamonds should be bought from a specialized seller to be sure you’re getting the highest quality for your budget. At Langerman Diamonds, you will find a spectacular inventory of Steel diamonds, Silver diamonds, and all sorts of natural gray diamonds. We will find the right color to create that special piece of jewelry for you.


Natural 0.74 carat Gray Radiant cut Diamond


Think of your favorite undertone

Do you want a warm diamond or a cool-toned diamond? Remember, fancy Gray diamonds can have yellow, green, blue, and brown color modifiers. In our naming system, a Gray 1 will have a dark greenish look, and a Steel 2 will look more blueish. 


Exceptional 1.95 carat Fancy Gray Shield Step Cut Diamond.


Consider Fancy Diamond Shapes

Natural fancy color diamonds are often cut in fancy shapes to accentuate their unique hue.Rounds and ovals are always in fashion, but trillions and other creative diamond shapes can give the already unusual stone an even more intriguing appearance.

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