Monday 28 May 2018

Beginning of a New Chapter - Graduation Gift Guide

Beginning of a New Chapter - Graduation Gift Guide

We all know how difficult it is to commit to an endeavor and actually complete the process to bring result. And that reason alone is enough to reward those who’ve graduated this year. So let’s congratulate them with awards that commemorate their achievement.  Yes, the hard work, long commitment, and strong dedication - all should not go unnoticed.

How about giving them the gift of a lifetime - the one they’ll remember forever - a natural fancy color diamond to suit every mood and style, to let them know how great they are, in their own unique way.  And to symbolize the inspiring journey of turning a rough stone into a brilliant gem, with time, patience, and the continuous work of ‘polishing.’

Let the colors speak as different colors communicate different message.  

Pick the right color to say what you want to say. And say it with impact, with meaning, and with undeniable style.


Is the color of cheerfulness and warmth.  It symbolizes happiness and hope and stands for positivity, energy, clarity, and joy.  Pick a nice pair of earrings with yellow diamonds to build confidence and invite optimistic vibe.


Yellow gold bezel-set stud earrings set with natural intense yellow diamonds. Langerman Diamonds



Is a color of success and achievement but implies also value and elegance. For a sparkling life after graduation a cuff bracelet  with small champagne melee diamonds is the right pick and a beautiful memory of this graduation day! Surprise the one you love and engrave a life advice inside.




For those who are enthusiastic and creative, inspire their vibrancy with color orange.  A bold necklace with an orange diamond is a good choice to stimulate their adventurous soul.  Let them continue the wonderful journey of life with passion and compassion.

Natural Grey Diamond set in a Tension Ring



If you want to gift something that is timeless and practical, yet sophisticated and classy, gray natural color diamond is the best bet. Chic and cool, it communicates style with capital S, whether it’s a pretty ring on a finger, or a slinky bracelet around the wrist.


The mystical color purple is a perfect color to empower the one you love.  As the color purple symbolizes dignity, wisdom, and power, it’s a magical way to express the vitality and ambition within.  Let’s applaud to the long and hard work, and continue to show encouragement and support, by giving the power of purple.

 Lavender purple diamond set in a modern white gold ring


For more memorable graduation gifts, check out our  jewelry section for the young ladies, where you can find exquisite ready to wear jewellry, and our “Men’s Collection” for young gentlemen with a refined taste.  

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