Friday 23 December 2022

Designing with Natural Color Diamonds Part II: Fashion and Trends

Designing with Natural Color Diamonds Part II: Fashion and Trends

Knowing color combination methods and color psychology is a good foundation to spark creativity and come up with design ideas. In our first article,  Part 1: Color Theory , we explored some color schemes from the color wheel, delved into the meaning and perception of some hues, and went through useful tips for incorporating natural color diamonds into a jewelry collection.

For this second and final part, we approach fine diamond jewelry in the context of fashion. 

  • How do fashion trends influence diamond jewelry?

  • Timeless palettes for evergreen collections

  • Trend forecasting tools for jewelry designers

Creating collections that stay relevant and withstand the test of time, it’s most jewelry designers’ goal. And whereas fashion implies seasonality, and trends are inherently short-lived, understanding their influence can be a strategic tool for jewelry brands.

Fashion and its relationship with diamond jewelry

Bezel set diamond necklace and solitaire from our collection, The One

Fine jewelry can be interpreted as many things; an art form, an investment, symbols of love, talismans, etc. But above all, diamond jewelry is an adornment. Regardless of the sentimental or cultural significance, diamond pieces are selected for their beauty to enhance one’s appearance.

Overall, jewelry is used, enjoyed, and admired in combination with other pieces that make up a complete look. Some lines and shapes pair better with certain styles, and many people have this in mind when looking for the next item to add to their personal collections.

The form of a jewel can make it look delicate and understated or dramatic and glamorous. Nonetheless, color is a powerful vehicle for self-expression. Fancy color diamonds can convey specific moods and tell a story with their symbolism.

Assortment of multi-color melee diamonds

In fashion, jewelry can be that final accent that completes an ensemble or even be the star that transforms a conventional outfit into an unforgettable look.

Green diamond and two Raspberry Pink diamonds 

Spotting trends

The role coolhunting and trend forecasting play in today’s fashion and luxury industries reflects how important it is for creative directors and designers to be aware of emerging ideas and cultural shifts to find inspiration for new collections.

Two months of the fashion calendar are perhaps the most relevant for jewelry designers; September and December. 

September marks the start of the Fall/Winter season, where fashion week shows take place around the globe, and new trends for the following year can already be spotted. Fashion magazines are known for publishing lengthy, special issues that are a source of inspiration for all kinds of designers and creatives.


Cognac Diamonds. Brownish and orangy tones are always popular in the colder months

Every December for the last twenty years, Pantone®—known for its proprietary color space used in various industries—has announced the Color of the Year. The anticipated, lucky color usually enjoys a massive surge in popularity, seen in clothes, interiors, furniture, and jewelry collections.

Very Peri, Pantone®’s Color of the Year 2022. Source: Pantone®



Round Brilliant Cut Violet Diamond


Classic color combinations and timeless styles

A jewelry designer doesn’t necessarily need to follow or stay on top of fashion trends. Yet, recognizing what makes a design a classic or what styles feel timeless proves helpful when planning a collection.

Here are some design styles and color diamond combinations that we predict will continue to be loved for generations.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Modern tennis bracelet crafted in 18kt yellow gold and set with 38 multicolored round cut diamonds of 0.17 carat each.


This elegant style has become a category on its own. Natural color diamonds are an excellent way of introducing customization options or adding a unique touch to stand out.

Discover 7 colorful twists on the classic tennis bracelet.


Black & White

White gold multi-band ring set with White diamonds and Black diamond accents 

Black diamonds and white gold pieces offer versatility, suiting formal attires and everyday casual chic fashion. Not to mention this combination, it’s also ideal for men’s jewelry collections.

A guide to natural Black diamonds

Neutral Accents

Warm-toned diamonds set in yellow gold are an attractive option to add a subtle pop of color for those who are used to predominantly wearing gold jewelry.


Rose Gold Medallion Pendant Necklace with Champagne Diamond Pavé


Eternity Ring in 18k Yellow Gold with Cognac Diamonds


Colorful Studs

Two Vivid Purplish Pink diamonds of 0.16 carat each mounted in four-prong earring studs

Another great way to introduce fancy color diamonds to your audience is in small bites. Diamond stud earrings are a staple piece; adored for instantly lifting up any look with a luxurious yet minimal detail. Presenting color diamonds in stud earrings, is a simple, approachable style that even the most conservative clients will love to try.

Olive diamond stud earrings


Pastel Colors

Neon pastel tones create unique combinations that are colorful and vibrant for spring. Soft, faint pastel hues are perfect for winter.

Pastel color Green, Lilac, and Orange diamonds


Color Blocking 

This is a method for creating color combinations with high-contrasting hues. The most iconic example of color blocking in fashion it’s probably the Mondrian-inspired dress from Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French designer. Since then, color block is now considered another approach to styling pieces together and it’s seen in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections alike.


Green, Purple, and Orange diamonds


Final Thoughts

Although following the latest trends is by no means a must for jewelry designers, fashion is still a great source of inspiration. Whether you decide to pay attention to it or design following a more classical approach, color will always play an essential role in how a jewel is perceived, worn, and valued. 

Natural color diamonds can completely transform a piece and elevate your designs. They are also an elegant way to add a touch of color and introduce customization to luxury jewelry pieces.

At Langerman Diamonds, we can source the natural color diamonds you need to bring your designs to life.