Thursday 04 August 2022

Diamond Jewelry Summer Care Guide

Diamond Jewelry Summer Care Guide

The summer season brings higher temperatures, lively colors, and the perfect conditions to explore a new city or return to your favorite destinations. Sunny days feel more positive, encouraging us to wear prints, and all the vibrant pieces in our wardrobes. But fabrics aren’t the only way to add richness to a summer look. Natural color diamonds provide an immense palette to choose from. Pastels, neons, and everything in between, diamond’s natural hues will brighten up your holiday outfits.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Summer care tips for your diamond jewelry

  • Travel and storage recommendations

  • How to clean diamond jewelry


6 Summer Care Tips For Your Diamond Jewelry

The hardest mineral known to man, diamonds, are almost indestructible. Unlike other gemstones, diamonds are not porous or prone to scratches. So, it’s only natural that many people don’t give care and maintenance much thought. After all, durability is always mentioned as one of the main advantages of diamond jewelry. Despite all those claims being true, following a cleaning routine and making sure you’re storing your diamond jewelry properly, is the best way to keep them in excellent condition.

Follow these 6 tips to keep your diamond jewelry in excellent condition:

  1. Put On Your Jewelry Last!

You have probably heard this one before. The logic behind this saying is to avoid coating your pieces with any substance that could harm them. This is particularly important during summer, when you might use even more products than just your regular moisturizing. Body lotions, perfumes, oils, and sunscreens can build up in hard-to-clean spots. This can attract dust and cause your diamond jewelry to look dull.

  1. Beach Care

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It doesn’t matter how well your jewelry fits or how secure any clasp may look; if you can’t afford to lose it, better to take it off before going to the beach. Even if the sea is calm, cold temperatures can temporarily shrink your fingers, increasing the chances of your rings coming loose. Gold is a non-ferrous metal, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion, but saltwater can cause discolorations in Rose Gold.

Another element at the beach to take into consideration is sand. Sand is abrasive, and although it would require a long period of constant exposure for your jewels to be scratched or damaged by it, it’s better to take care. Avoid manipulating sand while wearing rings or bracelets.

We recommend always carrying a pouch or a silk scarf in your beach bag to keep your pieces safe while you dive in or enjoy some time on the sand.

  1. Pool Care

Gold jewelry is made of an alloy containing at least 75%, or 18 parts of pure gold. Gold is a very resistant material, but the alloyed metals in Rose or White Gold could have reactions when exposed to certain substances such as chlorine. The chlorine concentrations found in some pools can be high enough to cause discolorations. In the worst cases, chlorine can permanently damage your gold jewelry. 

If your summer plans involve soaking in a pool for days, the safest bet is to take your jewelry off before going in. And for the occasional dive, just remember to rinse your pieces with clear water afterwards.

  1. Be Mindful When Doing Sports

Wearing your diamonds while performing high-intensity activities is not a good idea. You might hit your jewelry against something or drop it while playing sports. A hard blow can scratch, bend or create dents in your pieces possibly affecting their structure such as loosening the settings resulting in the loss of stones.  To be safe, remove any rings and bracelets before engaging in sports or intense workouts.

  1. Wipe Them Off Before Storing

Even if your pieces were not in contact with water or any skincare products, our bodies naturally produce oils. So, it’s still highly recommended to wipe off your diamond jewelry with a microfiber cloth periodically.

  1. Use Silica Gel Bags

Whether you’re visiting a hot paradise or a snowy retreat, humidity can be problematic. Moisture won’t darken your gold or damage your diamonds however, it can attract dirt into your pieces and make them lose their luster. A great trick to keep moisture away, is to place silica gel bags inside your jewelry box or bags.


Travel And Storage Recommendations

Storage and transport are key to keeping your diamond jewelry safe and  in sparkling condition.


Traveling With Diamonds

  • Be selective. Pack just the pieces you will really wear. Make sure they can be combined and layered together so you can create multiple looks with fewer items.

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  • Take pictures of everything you’re packing. This will serve as photographic evidence in the unfortunate event of an item going missing.

  • If you’re going through airport security, don’t wear too many pieces as you risk leaving something behind in the trays. Pack your jewels in a jewelry box  or pouch you can take with you in the cabin.

  • A large jewelry chest can be impractical to carry around. Consider a travel roll if you want to save up space.


Storing Your Diamond Jewelry While On Holidays

Keep your jewels organized and store them separately.

  • Avoid misplacing your items by always storing your jewelry in their box or pouch.

  • Make sure your jewelry box or roll has divisions or individual pockets for each item. This will prevent your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled.

  • Diamonds are scratch-proof, but gold isn’t. Keeping your goods separate will protect them from rubbing against each other.

  • Use the safe in your hotel room to store your valuable items when going out.


How To Clean Your Diamond Jewelry While On Holidays

Everybody has their preferred method for cleaning their jewelry at home. You might have your own ultrasonic cleaner or take them once a year to your jeweler for a professional cleaning. It isn’t strictly necessary to clean your pieces while on holiday but, it is vital to remove any sunscreen or substance residue as soon as possible.

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Follow this two-step method if you need to clean your diamond jewelry while on holiday this summer:

  1. Rub your jewelry using your fingers under a lukewarm, low-pressure water flow. Rinse your pieces individually, and make sure the plug is on! You don’t want your precious diamonds going down the sink.

  2. Place your goods in a towel and let them drip dry for a few minutes. Then, pat them softly to avoid bringing moisture into your box or travel roll.

Enjoy wearing your Natural Color Langerman Diamonds this summer.