Thursday 19 April 2018

Match Made in Heaven - Diamonds and Wedding Dresses

Match Made in Heaven - Diamonds and Wedding Dresses

The title of Marie Claire’s article published last month sums it up - “It’s All About The Non-White Wedding Dress In 2018.”  And according to Maggie Sottero, a distinguished name in the world of bridal gowns, “brides everywhere are turning to colorful wedding dresses,” and who can blame them when “shades of pale pink, blush, glimmering gold, sparkling pewter, and light lavender stand out in an ivory sea.”


And once you get a glimpse of 20 Best Pale Pink Wedding Dresses by Vogue, you’ll simply swoon, as Valentino, Gucci, and Lanvin and more of iconic designers flaunt the ethereal beauty of dreamy pink and nude. Yes, the romance of pink will forever reign but its popularity is closely followed by the alluring charm of champagne.  




Champagne and Pastel Colors 

Design: Marleen Hengeveld of AMMA Jewelry

As Pintrest reports, searches for champagne wedding dresses are up more than 358 percent this year. But then again, Panton’s Nostalgia Rose, a warm soft pink, has been named color choice for this year’s bridesmaid dresses. Looks like, pink or champagne, you can’t go wrong. As long as you have the perfect diamond to go with the dress.


Match Made in Heaven - 4 tips on matching wedding band with your dress:






The Wedding Band of Your Dream

Make your wedding band a stand out piece of its own by contrasting it with your engagement ring instead of complementing it.

A Touch of Pink

Give sophisticated twist to a traditional style by mixing different hues of pink. 

The Ultimate Detail

Set a color diamond in all-white diamond band. Nostalgia Rose anyone?    Place a single color diamond inside the band to make it even more precious and personal.

Wedding band with a small natural pink diamond. Diamonds and wedding dresses. Yseult De Crombrugghe



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