Wednesday 08 June 2022

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Sparkling Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Sparkling Ideas

Parenthood is a blessing and an adventure. The fathers in our family are always there for us, trying to set an example, looking after us, and ready to offer guidance and reassurance when we need it. Seeing us succeed and find happiness is their biggest reward—but a meaningful gift every year doesn't hurt.  

Honor the wonderful men in your life with a luxurious present that will show your gratitude and appreciation.

We bring you 7 gift ideas for this Father's Day . We have selected a diverse assortment of diamond jewelry and fine objects to fit different styles and personalities. We've got them all covered, from the sleek and modern to the elegant and classic.

We always recommend trying to tell a story when gifting color diamond jewelry. For example, spelling his initials with a pavé of color diamonds in his favorite color. Or maybe selecting diamonds of varying carat weights to represent the different ages of his sons and/or daughters. We will be happy to assist you in creating a bespoke Langerman jewel with a special meaning.


1. A Pair of Diamond Cufflinks

Bespoke cufflinks set with Black diamonds.


If the recipient in mind is a seasoned businessman or frequently attends formal events, you can't go wrong with a classic pair of diamond cufflinks. Cufflinks present the opportunity to show off some personality when wearing a suit. Be creative and add a colorful touch with our natural color diamonds. 

Custom-made, 18kt brushed yellow gold cufflinks with Champagne diamonds.


2. A Black Diamond Ring

Minimal white gold band with a black diamond accent.


Black diamonds are an excellent choice for men's jewelry since they possess a metallic, discreet sparkle.

Emerald-cut black diamond men’s ring with accent brilliant and baguette white diamonds.

If you're after something masculine and bulky yet elegant, then a cigar band might be the answer. As the name suggests, cigar bands are thick men's rings that resemble the paper band on a cigar. They can be completely embellished like the emerald-cut black diamond example above or less dramatic like the one below.

Distinguished cigar-band ring set in 18kt white gold with a black diamond center stone.


Black diamonds are often paired with white gold to play with contrast and accentuate the gem's dark tone. But as you can appreciate in the following custom ring, black diamonds go with everything. This intriguing design features a yellow gold band with white gold detailing and a stunning black diamond. 

Two-toned gold men’s ring with black diamond.


3. Fancy Color Diamond Stud Earrings

If your dad has pierced ears, a fancy color diamond stud will fit him perfectly. Our master jewelers can craft a single earring or create a matching pair of studs.  

Indigo blue diamond stud earrings in a three-prong setting, and a bezel setting.


Black Diamond Earring Studs from the One Collection 

 At Langerman Diamonds, we house a spectacular inventory of over 300 unique diamond colors. Pick universally loved Blue diamonds, or go for rich Chocolate or Cognac diamonds. Maybe a lucky Green diamond to complement his green eyes. We will help you find the color that suits or represents him the best.


4. Rough Diamond Jewelry

Natural color diamonds in the rough

 Color diamonds are incredibly rare, and in their rough form, they have fascinating, naturally geometrical forms. Rough diamonds are often found in octahedral, cubic, or triangular shapes. They are perfect for a pendant necklace or a memorable ring.

Rough black diamond set in a textured white gold ring.


The sculptural texture of this 18kt white gold ring makes it a perfect fit for the rocker dad. This custom-made design features a rough black diamond that finishes off the organic look. 

Natural Rough Saffron Diamond Pendant


Explore our inventory of rough color diamonds.


5. A Black Diamond Necklace

Natural black diamond beads necklace for men.

A diamond necklace might not be the first piece that comes to mind when thinking about jewelry for Father's Day. But this black diamond briolette bead necklace will make your dad feel like a true rockstar. 


6. Father-Daughter or Father-Son Jewelry

White gold drop pendant with a blue diamond accent in a cord necklace.

Score some points and enjoy favorite child status this month with a matching diamond accessory. We'll be delighted to design a unisex bracelet or a pendant necklace that will fit both of you.


7. Add Diamond Accents To His Favorite Objects


Black diamond dice with yellow diamond numbers.


Not a jewelry fan? Not a problem! At Langerman Diamonds, we love a challenge. Almost any object can be elevated and embellished with color diamonds.

Aston Martin interior with 1,246 carats of brown diamonds from Langerman.

We can source and supply color diamonds for the most ambitious projects. We even had the pleasure of providing a total of 8,503 brown diamonds to support the exceptional idea of creating a luxury jewel car.

At Langerman Diamonds, we love creating unique color diamond men's jewelry for Father's Day and any special occasion.