Wednesday 12 August 2020

Find Your Dream Shape

Find Your Dream Shape

When it comes to diamonds, we have to be grateful for what nature gives us in terms of colors, shapes and sizes. And then take this gift and shape it into the final stone that will be the centerpiece of your unique piece of jewelry. At Langerman Diamonds, we would like to take you on that journey with us: So, join us and find out all you need to know about the shapes of diamonds.

Rough Diamonds – Shaped by Nature

In nature, natural color diamonds can come in quite surprising shapes. They can be extremely varied: more or less round or angular, sometimes even elongated and thin like a piece of crystal. Strangely enough, a rough diamond can also be almost perfectly round. This is what you call a balas. Its characteristic is that it cannot be cut, unlike other rough diamonds.

Remarkable 2.27 carat, Fancy brown diamond, rough and can be certified on request. This diamond is called

Contrary to those geometrical shapes, you will also find totally irregular ones. These can either be smooth - like a pebble that’s been polished by the sea - or very angular and jagged. So how do diamonds end up with beautiful shapes that you see in jewelry?

Nice 0.55 carat, Fancy yellow green diamond, rough and can be certified on request. Perfect clean diamond with a smooth shape. The color is typical from the Brazilian production with a mixture of orange and green color.

Polished Diamonds – Shaped by Us

The polishing of a diamond is a very careful process that unfolds in several stages. Natural color diamonds from Langerman are polished by our master cutter who has worked with us for 20 years. With more than 50 years of experience, he is one of the few remaining artisans that we trust to unlock the beauty of these natural wonders.  

Before the polishing process starts, we will already have an idea in mind for the diamond. With almost six decades in the business, at Langerman Diamonds we, most often, only need a few glances to decide the fate of a stone. 

Langerman Diamonds  

After consulting on the diamond, our master cutter takes it to his workshop to polish the table of the stone (the flat surface on the top of the stone). Then, he will polish a facet on the side called a window as it allows for a look into the center of the diamond. After another trip or two to Antwerp, we will have taken a closer look and made final decisions, and the polisher starts the process of finishing the shape of the stone. 

Millimeter by millimeter, the stone is transformed into a sparkling, glittering diamond in the chosen shape. Especially for natural color diamonds, the polishing process to enhance the shape of each diamond is a vital step in the journey of a diamond as it will increase or sometimes even alter the color. Or as our master cutter, Herman, puts it: the polishing process “lights the fire” of the diamond.

The Perfect Cut for You

When deciding on a diamond, most people go for a classic round brilliant due to its unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. The round brilliant shape is an ideal shape for colorless diamonds because it allows the maximum amount of light to enter into the stone. Natural color diamonds are incredible in every shape, but fancy shapes are often chosen to bring out the most intensity in color. This also allows us to create jewelry with our clients that is both original and exciting. So, let us introduce you to the top five most popular diamond cuts. 

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds are square in shape with folded, soft corners. Thanks to the shape of the diamond, it’s perfect for placing side by side with other cushion cut diamonds or placed between round diamonds for a dynamic and exclusive look. Cushion cut diamonds can have a little less sparkle than round diamonds, but the size of the table of the diamond will make it appear larger than its actual carat weight. Where have you seen this before? On Megan Markle’s engagement ring of course. A large cushion cut white diamond takes center stage, flanked by two smaller cushion cut white diamonds.


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Princess Cut

The princess cut is the second most brilliant and popular shape after round diamonds. The diamond will look square or rectangular when viewed from above, but from the side it looks like an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. It’s a beautiful and popular cut especially for engagement rings.


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Emerald cut

The emerald cut looks very art deco and is perfect for the more original engagement ring or statement ring. The cut is rectangular with measured steps cut into the side. While not as sparkly as a round diamond, the emerald cut looks very impressive and sophisticated. Because the cut gives you a deep look into the stone, it’s very important that the diamond is of the best clarity. Where have you seen this before? Well, Beyoncé’s 18 carat emerald cut engagement ring springs to mind. 


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Oval Cut

As the name discloses, this cut gives you an oval diamond in a soft and feminine shape. Oval cut diamonds look fantastic in rings and pendants and have become increasingly popular in the last 50 to 70 years. One of the reasons is that the oval cut makes the diamond appear larger than a round diamond of the same size. Why does the oval cut ring a bell? You might remember the pink star diamond: a 59.6 carat oval cut pink diamond that broke all records and sold for over 71.2 million dollars in 2017.


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Pear Cut

The pear cut has certainly proved itself during the test of time. The cut dates back to the 1400s and still manages to look striking and fashionable today. 



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The pear – or teardrop – shape mixes the oval and the marquise, while retaining the same amount of sparkle and fire as you will find in a round diamond. Have I seen this shape before? Yes, indeed. You probably noticed it on one of Victoria Beckham’s 14 (!) engagement rings or on the ring finger of Hollywood actor Katherine Heigl. 

Now, which one is your favorite? Be sure to let the right person in your life know.

Many other shapes are stunning, when it comes to natural color diamonds. At Langerman Diamonds, you can be sure that we have used our experience as the world’s leading experts in natural color diamonds to pick the absolute best cut for each diamond. Ask us for your dream shape!