Tuesday 09 April 2019

Mother's Day: A Color Gift from the Heart

Mother's Day: A Color Gift from the Heart

You know that she’s strong.  You love that she’s patient.  She must be, she raised you.  

Now it’s time to give her the biggest gratitude she truly deserves.  For this Mother’s Day, make sure to treat her with something meaningful, something from the heart.    

Here are 3 personal gift ideas using color diamonds to celebrate the love of the most amazing mother in the world.


Colors are stories - Personalize your story with colors  

Remember those walks in the forest with your mother? The lush green leaves dancing with the wind, the smell of the rich brown earth, and the trilling songs of the blue birds.

Heart shaped olive green diamond Cushion - Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond


Or the sweetness of her chocolate cake that melted in your mouth, and the soothing comfort it brought - a comfort only a mother can bring.

Do let her know that she’s the sunshine in your life with exquisite yellow diamonds.  And let the radiating color yellow symbolize the warmth she exudes, the optimism she radiates, and the happiness she brings.


Natural Brown Diamond Radiant Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond


Celebrate who she is - Make a name necklace or a ring  

And for that extra personal touch, add a diamond of her favorite color in a letter. 

Name Ring with a Natural Green Diamond


Whether it’s creamy vanilla or enigmatic purple, it’s a perfect way to give that bling and glitz she deserves.

Or add a color diamond that matches her eyes - a soft hazel brown, a crystal clear blue, or an olive green.

Remind her how special she is by bringing out the beauty in her eyes and in her name. 
And show her how much you appreciate her, for who she is.  


 Fancy light yellow brilliant cut diamond Radiant cut fancy deep purple diamond


Customize a keychain - If she’s the more practical type

If she likes her everyday gadgets to be fanciful, she’s going to adore a customized keychain with engraved messages and sparkling color diamonds.  Instead of writing on that card, write on the delightful keychain designed especially for her - and remind her everyday how much you love and cherish her.   

For more creative gift ideas please browse the other pages of our website and discover exceptional selections of natural color diamonds and over 300 different hues in all sizes.

 Melee Diamonds - Langerman Diamonds


Pick your diamond and tell us your story, for we have every color to fit your treasured memory - majestic sky-blue, sunset in flaming orange, aromatic cognac, bubbly champagne, and sweet chocolate.  And let your gift do the rest, of telling a magical tale of love and gratitude. 

By Ydcdl (Updated article from 2018)