Monday 20 June 2022

How to Style Natural Green Diamond Jewelry

How to Style Natural Green Diamond Jewelry

Green Diamonds’ Rise to Fame

Green diamonds are having a moment. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez’s re-engagement with Ben Affleck, public interest and awareness have sparked in recent months. The actress and singer announced the news to her followers with a video. As she spoke, viewers were intrigued when they noticed a green center stone in her brand new ring. ‘An Emerald, perhaps?’—they wondered. But only an expert eye could’ve made the right guess. JLo proceeded to clarify that it was a spectacular emerald-cut, Green diamond. Jaws dropped. Everybody wanted to know more about the extravagant gem. Where do Green diamonds come from? What gives them this unusual hue? How much did it cost?

Check out our Guide to Natural Green Diamonds and learn more about this elusive color.


Langerman Bespoke Green Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Chances are your favorite jewelers don’t carry them in their permanent collections. And there’s a reason for that: scarcity. Fancy Green diamonds are one of the rarest diamond colors, second only to red. For every 10,000 carats mined, only 1 of them will be a color diamond. Fancy color diamonds represent less than 0.1% of all diamonds produced annually, of which Green diamonds are only a tiny fraction.

According to reports, Lopez’s new rock is 8.50 carats and could be worth up to $10 million.

Oval Green Diamond with Halo Setting Engagement Ring

If the previous hype enjoyed by Pink diamonds after the last Jennifer engagement 20 years ago can tell us something, maybe now is the perfect time to get ahold of some Green diamonds.

Luckily, you don’t need a millionaire budget to find your ideal gem. At Langerman, we are the proud keepers of an extraordinary collection that differentiates over 350 unique colors.

Marquise Cut Green Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold.

Explore our inventory of rough and polished Green diamonds.


Spectacular Cushion Cut Mint Diamond.


The Best Ways to Combine Green Diamonds


As a Pop of Color

Green diamond jewelry is easier to style than you might think. Lime diamonds set in white gold, or surrounded by a colorless halo, are versatile pieces that will elevate any white or light-colored outfit.

Fancy Green Diamond Stud Earrings with Halo.

Green Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold.


Go With a Warm Color Palette

A Heart cut Cinnamon diamond next to an Olive diamond.

Olive diamonds have a yellowish undertone that pairs perfectly with yellow gold, like the beautiful engagement ring below from our bespoke archives. The unique three-stone ring features a 0.20 ct Princess cut Olive diamond and two 0.03 ct yellow-green diamonds in an elegant tension setting.

Square Brilliant, Green Diamond Engagement Ring With Accent Stones.

Cognac with Olives sounds like an interesting diamond cocktail. That was the selected diamond mix for the bespoke band below. The rich yellow gold enhanced the warmth of this autumnal piece. 

Langerman Bespoke ring with alternating Cognac and Olive diamonds.


Keep it Cool For The Blueish Greens

Left: An incredibly rare 1.13 carat Forest Green diamond.

Right: Intense Green Blue diamond.

Green diamonds can also have cooler hues, making them easy to pair with different shades of blue. We love how the combination above instantly transports us to an Alpine lake surrounded by tall trees. A calming, harmonious union.

Radiant Cut Green Lime Diamond Next to a Brilliant Cut Purple Diamond.

Purple diamonds have a beautiful icy tone that looks phenomenal next to our neon green Lime diamonds. This electric combo feels fresh, playful, and very original.


Pair Them With Pink!

Contrast Lime and Mint diamonds with Raspberry pinks.

The color wheel is a helpful tool for visualizing creative schemes. Green and pink are complementary, meaning they sit opposite each other on the wheel. Vibrant contrasts look bold and attractive; they immediately catch the eye and are hard to forget. Which is the case with the following custom piece. This bespoke necklace features a Lime diamond hugged by a double halo of soft Pink brilliants.

Round Cut Lime Diamond Pendant With a Double Halo of Pink Diamonds.


Citrus Explosion: Limes, Lemons, and Oranges

Natural Fancy Green diamond with Yellow diamonds.

Experimenting with contrasts is an absolute joy but so it is creating delicate gradations and ombré effects. Taking inspiration from nature again, we adore a citrusy palette that combines green Lime diamonds with intense Yellows, or fancy Oranges.

Lime Green diamond set in a yellow gold pendant with a Yellow diamond double halo.

Natural Yellow, Green, and Orange diamonds.


Dare to wear Green diamond jewelry. Our bespoke team will be happy to assist you in selecting the most exquisite gems to materialize your vision.