Thursday 17 January 2019

Make the Most Out of This Proposal Season: Complete Guide to Getting the Right Ring

Make the Most Out of This Proposal Season: Complete Guide to Getting the Right Ring

Let’s think outside the box.  Meaning, let’s go beyond the cliche image of white solitaire ring, for that isn’t the only option out there for a proposal jewel.  After all, it’s an occasion of a lifetime that will be engraved in both of your memories as one of the most memorable event, so let’s make it count, with the truly special ring that speaks from the heart.

1. Know your options - don’t get stuck with the idea that conventional white diamond is the only way to go.

Making your loved one feel special is important when proposing, as well as making the moment of the proposal stand out.  For someone with a vibrant personality, keen taste for aesthetics, and who refuses to be labeled as “ordinary,” adding colors to the engagement ring could be the perfect option to let her know how special she is.  And for the trendsetter brides, incorporating colors could be an impressive way to display their personality and individual style."

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way."
Georgia O'Keeffe

2. Staying within your budget - the question of single or multiple stones.

Natural Color Diamonds are much more rare and exclusive compared to white diamonds, thus, generally more expensive.  However, there are ways to show your love with color diamonds without going over your budget.

Solitaire: A single diamond stands alone on top of a plain or ornately designed ring.  It’s pure and simple but striking, and here, the diamond steals the show. So, in a solitaire ring, it’s important to choose the right shape - for there are about 200 shapes available - as well as the right color.

In recent years, fancy shapes have been growing in popularity.  And for color diamonds, they are more suitable than the iconic round brilliant cut, as they tend to hold more colors.

Even if you could have a bigger white diamond with the same budget, a natural color diamond in delicate pink or blue is much more exclusive and astonishing compared to a regular white diamond. , It is definitely a noteworthy option to explore. And with a solitaire, you’re most likely investing more money in the diamond than the ring.  So investing in a natural color diamond, which has higher value, is a very smart move.

A solitaire is timeless, and it allows women to “dress up” the ring with enhancer rings or a more ornate wedding band.



Multi-Stone:  Adding more stones to your ring creates more dazzle and can make a central diamond appear to be bigger than its actual size.  

There is plenty of room to play with your imagination to fit the budget and the individual style and preference to reflect the bride’s personality. 

Here are some inspiring ideas for your creation, using different sizes, colors, and shapes: 

White and Fancy Pink Diamonds Engagement Ring Langerman Diamonds



A white diamond solitaire with a color twist

Consider a halo setting using natural color melee diamonds by encircling the white diamond set in the center. This will create extra sparkle and make the diamond appear enormous. This is also a style reminiscent of vintage engagement rings that is becoming very trendy again lately.

One or two color diamonds with halo of small white diamonds

This is an eye-catching design that is truly unique, yet accessible and easy to wear everyday.  With the halo setting, the diamonds appear larger and are bound to make big splash.


Cushion - Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond

The iconic three-stone ring 

Commonly known as a trilogy or trinity ring, three stones could represent the past, present, and the future or symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity. There's no better way than to use colors to tell the story of your colorful journey together.



Three stones engagement ring . Langerman diamonds


Pink Trilogy ring. Langerman diamonds.                                                                               


  Champagne and white diamonds trilogy ring. Langerman diamonds. ydcdl       





Focus on the band: Add small color micro-pavé diamonds on the band of the ring

This is a subtle yet effective way to make the ring compelling and remarkable. It’s elegant yet delightful. A sure way to impress your other half with sophisticated imagination and thoughtful creativity.



3. More about natural color diamonds:  A rainbow of colors

  • Yellow diamond is most popular among women in the United States.  And being the second most common fancy color, it is relatively affordable.  The color yellow represents happiness and yellow zimi diamonds are simply delightful like a tiny sun drop.

  • Olive green diamond is growing in popularity for its serene and endearing beauty.  The color olive green symbolizes nature, harmony, and protection.

  • Gray diamonds can add distinctive metallic sparkle to your jewelry and make it exceptionally elegant.

  • Cognac diamonds have wide spectrum of hues - from soft caramel to deep rich brown. And they match perfectly with pink gold, a hottest trend at the moment.  But they are quite affordable as brown diamonds are the most common fancy diamonds.

  • Pink and blue diamonds are the rarest and most exclusive color diamonds.

Light hues are always less expensive than the vivid colors. 

And remember, your future fiancé is going to wear this jewel every day, so the goal is to choose something that seamlessly becomes part of her daily life and suits her perfectly. Something personal, unique, and stunning, but not necessarily big.

At Langerman, we’ve noticed a general inclination towards dainty diamond rings. Small delicate rings for tying the knot is definitely chic and trendy.

"..don’t be afraid to consider smaller stones...very often , small stones exhibit some of the finest colors...and since fine color is your primary goal when buying a fancy color diamond, it is often good sense to think small...."
H. Frydman - 1983

If you’re in need of more inspirations, checking out our previous blog on ”one of a kind”  designs would definitely keep the creative juice flowing. And don’t worry, even if you choose an existing design, it will still be extraordinary.  The natural color diamond you pick will guarantee to make the piece truly unique and special no matter what the design is, for all natural color diamonds have the “one of a kind” hue that can not be emulated - just like your other half you fell in love with.