Sunday 14 January 2018

Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy

[Langerman Diamonds] With the holiday season just behind us and looking back at the latest celebrity engagements we can say that pear shapes have never been trendier. The 2018 engagement rings’ trends are definitely revealed. Last December, two A-list fiancés set their hearts on pear shaped diamonds, also referred to as pendeloques or teardrops. 

The Big Bang Theory's actress Kaley Cuoco, received from her future husband, Karl Cook, a gorgeous, 8-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Paris Hilton’s fiancé got down on one knee and popped the question with a 20-carat pear diamond. "It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen" said Paris when describing her diamond, set in a split shank band with a thin halo.

Although pear shaped diamonds suffer from being often overshadowed by round brilliant cut diamonds. They are regularly spotted on celebrities and royals cherish them. From Anna Kournikova to Liz Taylor see our favorite teardrops.

Anna Kournikova's outstanding, 11-carat, pink pear shaped diamond looks just fabulous. It’s flanked with two Trillian diamonds on each side.   

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco’s are definitively dazzled by the beauty of teardrops. Charlene’s engagement ring is an exquisite large pear-shaped diamond set in a grey gold ring with small round diamonds and her husband’s wedding gift is a one-of-a -kind tiara with several pear shape diamonds.

 Tiara - Charlene de Monaco - Laurenz Baumer

And the ultimate famous romantic diamond gift in modern times is the 69.42-carat Taylor-Burton pear-shaped diamond given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. Originally it was set in a ring « But even for me it was too big… So we had Cartier design a necklace » said Elisabeth Taylor.  

Believe it or not, most famous pear-shaped diamond are color diamonds:

How to Select the Perfect Shape, Ratio and Cut?

It’s important to stress that the shape is the outline of a diamond when viewed face up and that the cut refers to the arrangement of facets needed to create an attractive face-up appearance.

The length to width ratio indicate how long a diamond is compared to how wide. The ratios between 1.45 and 1.75 are most common and 1.45/1.55 are considered as optimal. Like marquises and oval cuts, pear shaped diamonds can be slim or wide but even if the industry has set some standards, the proportions of the stone depend on the subjective taste of the owner. A long and skinny pear could be very flattering on someone with a broad finger and a wider pear shape could flatter a long slender hand.

The shape in fact doesn’t matter, as long as you like it!

On the contrary, symmetry is a very important objective characteristic.  Symmetrical stones usually are more valued. The wings should be rounded, even and aligned for maximum sparkle and beauty.

Facets are central for diamonds. They reflect light off each other, bounce light into the diamond, break up the light into a spectrum of colors, and return light back up to your eye. The more perfectly proportioned facets the stone has, the more it will shine.

Another point to look at is the table. The table is the large flat facet on the crown or top of a diamond. It gathers light from above and either reflects it back to the observer or directs it into the diamond’s interior. The proportion is decisive as it will affect the scintillation in a diamond.

Occasionally the pear shape can suffer from a so-called “bow-tie effect” when light passing through the diamond casts a shadow across the central facets of the stone. This shadow can be diminished  by altering the depth of the pavilion, and adjusting the angles of the table and facets to better diffuse light in the central area. This effect also occurs in Oval, Marquise and Heart shapes. 

Which Setting?

Because of their exceptional fire, prongs are one of the best ways to set pear-shaped diamonds, allowing lots of light to reach and refract within the stone. To include an angled prong that protects the pointed tip of the diamond is highly recommended.

Often selected for pendants or earrings, teardrops are an excellent choice for an outstanding ring, no matter the size of the diamond. Their singular silhouette make them adequate for the iconic solitaire settings.

If the preferences go to larger rings, the fabulous option of the halo should be considered. A halo of smaller diamonds will make the center stone appear larger than it really is. It is the perfect setting to cast a halo of sparkling light and save money on carat weight!

However, to avoid the pear shaped-diamond from looking too wide, it is recommended to opt for a diamond with a slightly higher length to width ratio than the initial preference.

Many halo ring settings are also paired with paved bands to maximize the radiance of entire ring.

In order to get a slimming effect on the hand, the point should always be directed out toward the fingers of the wearer.

Surprisingly Affordable and so Unique, Personalized Jewels.

Personalized designs are very trendy for engagement rings. Try something special and exclusive. Instead of leaving heirloom jewelry in a box give them a twist with a new design including a pear-shaped diamond. And make it even more special or sentimental by choosing a diamond of your favorite color.

At Langerman we are more than happy to assist you and answer all your question about your future crush for tears of joy!  Your options are only limited by your imagination and they are all just an email inquiry away.

Pictures Credit: photo: Lorenz Baumer /Wikipedia/ Langerman Diamonds.