Friday 05 May 2017

The Various Shapes of Rough Diamonds

The Various Shapes of Rough Diamonds

In nature, color diamonds can come in quite surprising shapes. They can be extremely varied: more or less round or angular, sometimes even elongated and thin like a piece of crystal. However, you might have noticed that rough stones often have typical shapes.

The triangular ones are the most characteristic. They can be more or less large. The bulkiest ones are the octahedrons, which look like two pyramids stuck together. Some are almost perfect and therefore, can make a beautiful piece of jewelry. You can also find half octahedrons which really resemble tiny pyramids. Then you have flatter triangular shapes that are called macles. A beautiful macle can be used as such to make an original and unique jewel as well.

Strangely enough, a rough diamond can also be almost perfectly round. This is what you call a balas. Its characteristic is that it cannot be cut, unlike other rough diamonds.

Now, contrary to those geometrical shapes, you can find totally irregular ones. These can either be smooth - like a pebble that’s been polished by the sea - or very angular and jagged.

Whether geometrical or not, every single rough colored diamond strikes you as a one of a kind treasure of nature. Those gems are very inspirational for jewelry design: unlike cut stones, rough diamonds trigger your imagination to create the piece that will best enhance their natural beauty.