Thursday 20 July 2017

Yellow, Pink or White Gold

Yellow, Pink or White Gold

You might say “I only like yellow gold” or “white gold looks like silver”, and it’s true that the color of gold is a question of personal taste. Anyway, most natural color diamonds will look great in any type of gold and there is no price difference between them.

Still, choosing the best kind of gold for a specific colored diamond deserves some thinking because the effect can be totally different. Although a contrast between the color of the stone and the one of the gold can look stunning, I would definitely recommend you to choose the color of gold according to the tone you wish to enhance in the diamond. And this is especially true for a light colored stone. For example, yellow gold strengthens the color of yellow diamonds. If you set a yellow diamond in white gold, the gold stands out to the detriment of the stone. Also, pink colored diamonds look fabulous in pink gold. On the other hand, the more saturated the color of the diamond, the more choice you have with the color of the gold. Personally, I find that chocolate diamonds look stunning in pink gold because it can enhance a slight pink hue in the stone. I also love yellow gold with olive green diamonds: it gives them a marvellous antique touch.

Good to know: the color of gold can be custom-made for a stone. For example white gold can be blackened around a gray diamond to enhance its color. In fact, black gold is not commonly used, but this is the kind of gold I would recommend with black diamonds. As for pink gold, it can be more or less pink, depending on the amount of copper added into the alloy.

To summarize, I would say that the possibilities are almost endless. For instance, if you really want your pink diamond set in yellow or even white gold, it is possible to enhance the diamond’s color by using pink gold only around the stone. A useful trick to know! And of course, we can mix several colors of gold in the same jewel. Besides, mixing white and pink or yellow gold has become quite trendy.