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A Guide to Natural Brown Diamonds

A Guide to Natural Brown Diamonds

Exclusive yet more affordable than other color diamonds, fancy brown diamonds are a popular category for those looking into purchasing their first color diamond piece of jewelry. Celebrities like Rihanna and Lizzo love to wear intense brown diamonds at award shows. And let’s not forget Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring, which features a massive 11 carat, elongated oval, light brown diamond. 

Present in the collections of high jewelry houses and coveted by diamond connoisseurs, brown diamonds are enjoying rising popularity.

Discover the world of brown diamonds:

  • What makes brown diamonds brown and where do they come from?

  • Color possibilities: From champagne diamonds to chocolate diamonds.

  • Fancy brown diamonds’ investment potential.

  • Intense brown diamond jewelry from Langerman’s bespoke archives.


What Are Natural Brown Diamonds?


Radiant cut, fancy intense brown diamond from Langerman.


Designers, investors, and the general public are now more aware of the world of possibilities presented by natural color diamonds. But for an extended period, colorless diamonds were regarded as symbols of perfection and the only kind of diamond acceptable to use on the creation of engagement rings and high jewelry collections. During that colorless era, natural brown diamonds were considered undesired. Perhaps this is part of why fancy brown diamond prices today are still relatively low compared to other color diamonds. Their popularity, however, keeps rising as chocolate diamond jewelry is seen on celebrities more and more. When purchasing brown diamond jewelry, you have a greater chance of enjoying higher value increases, thus making them an excellent investment opportunity.


Natural color diamonds are rare, scarce, and valuable as they are less common than the abundant colorless kind. Brown diamonds are —together with yellow diamonds— the most available and most affordable of all colored diamonds.   Like yellow diamonds, most brown diamonds get their color from the presence of nitrogen atoms in their carbon structure. However, some natural brown diamonds owe their color to a phenomenon known as lattice distortion.


Fantastic ring from our bespoke archives featuring an oval cut champagne diamond with brown diamonds halo set in 18Kt yellow gold.

Intense Brown diamonds and Champagne diamonds are sourced from different parts of the world, such as Brazil, Africa, and Russia. The famous Argyle mine in Australia—which used to be the source of 90% of the world’s pink diamonds —was also an important source for Champagne diamonds.

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Fancy Brown Diamonds And Their Many Nuances


Brown diamonds come in a wide variety of hues and intensities.


Brown diamonds go with everything; their neutral color is available in warm and cold tones and faint or deep intensities. They are easy to style and can be worn with everyday looks or special occasions. If you’re looking for that signature diamond piece in your collection, we can help bring that dream to life without a vast inventory of natural brown diamonds. 

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Delicious, chocolate brown diamond with mocha, toffee and honey nuances.


To distinguish the subtle changes in color, we have developed a unique naming system: you’ll see us refer to Champagne Diamonds, Bronze Diamonds, Amber Diamonds, Cinnamon Diamonds, Coffee Diamonds, Toffee Diamonds, Chocolate Diamonds, and more. These luscious names help us classify the wide variety of hues available. Using evocative names awakens a sensory reaction and helps identify a distinct color. Natural brown diamonds often show secondary colors like yellow and orange. Cognac diamonds, for example, have an orangy, yellowish-brown tone that very much reminds of the spirit’s full-bodied color.


Famous Brown Diamonds


  1. The Incomparable Diamond
    According to its GIA report, the Incomparable Diamond is a shield step cut, Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow, Internally Flawless diamond. It was part of a larger 890 carats rough found in what today is part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and now weighs 407.78 carat.

The Incomparable Diamond is a 407.78 carat Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow diamond.

  1. The Golden Jubilee Diamond
    This massive diamond weighs 545.67 carat, and it currently holds the record of being the largest cut and faceted diamond in the world. This spectacular specimen is part of the crown jewels of Thailand and can be seen on display in the Royal Museum at Pimammek Golden Temple Throne Hall in Bangkok.

The famous Golden Jubilee Diamond can be seen on display in Bangkok.


  1. The Great Chrysanthemum Diamond
    Is a famous Fancy Orange-Brown diamond discovered in 1963 at the Kimberley Mines in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The stone weighs 104.15 carat.


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The Importance of Shapes


Champagne Diamonds and other brown diamonds from Langerman in various cuts.


Fancy color diamonds are cut following a different objective than colorless diamonds. Increasing the intensity of the color is often the primary goal. For example, the elongated, pointy facets of the marquise and pear shapes tend to show higher color saturation at the tips. And the large windows of step-cuts like the emerald and Asscher control the brilliance and scintillation levels to help display color better. This is why fancy diamond shapes are favored over round brilliant for brown diamonds and color diamonds in general.


Langerman’s Fancy Brown Bespoke Jewelry

Custom made evil eye ring featuring a marquise cut brown diamond.


Chocolate Diamond Stud Earrings With White Diamond Halo



This pair of color-matching chocolate diamonds were set in versatile 18Kt white gold for a bespoke design that included a removable white diamond halo. This feature allows the earrings to dress up or down for any event.


Cognac Diamond Eternity Ring


This custom eternity ring featured a shared prong setting in 18Kt white gold that hugged cognac brown diamonds. A perfect harmony between the cold tone of the metal and the rich warmth of the cognac diamonds.


Champagne Diamonds Cufflinks


Handcrafted in yellow gold, these custom cufflinks have a beautiful brushed texture that lets us focus all our attention on the shining champagne diamond center stone.


Chocolate Diamond Pavé Cocktail Ring


This pink gold ring’s dome is entirely covered by pavé-set melee chocolate diamonds. The tiny brown diamonds create a stunning glimmering effect, reflecting light in different directions.


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