Thursday 18 January 2018

The Color of the Year is Ultra Violet!

The Color of the Year is Ultra Violet!

[Langerman Diamonds] Ever since 2000, Pantone Color Institute has been choosing Color of the Year to reflect and express the mood and attitude of global culture and trend.

And it has finally revealed its Color of the Year for 2018 -the majestic and mysterious- Ultra Violet!

  Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet: color of the year for 2018

Not only is it a color of "originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking,” according to the Vice President of Pantone, Laura Pressman, but ultra violet is “an optimistic and empowering color” as well.

Historically, purple has been greatly valued and cherished for its burdensome production and its symbolic association with wealth, power, and royalty.

Today it’s often connected with mindfulness, a meditative practice to train our minds to be fully in the present moment, and is considered to be a color of imagination and creativity.   

Most of the pure purple and violet diamonds produced in the world come from Russia, whereas grayish and pinkish purple diamonds are found in Argyle mine in Australia.  

The colors of pinkpurple and some brown  diamonds are formed due to ‘graining,’ which is a deformation of the crystal lattice in the diamond.  You can find more details on this phenomena in our Buying Guide.  

Pure violet diamonds are the result of hydrogen presence in the diamond’s crystal lattice and they are extremely rare and precious.  And we at Langerman simply fell in love with this enchanting color of 2018!

And we are excited to present our magical winter collection  where you will see beautiful examples of lilac hued diamonds -not to mention violet and lavender- colors that are in high demand for our tailor designed jewels.


 Lavender purple diamond set in a modern white gold ring, with two small 0.13 ct violet gray step-cut baguettes

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Images Courtesy: Pantone Inc. / Langerman