Saturday 1st June 2019

Earth Recycles Seabed into Diamonds

[Science Advances] Gem quality diamonds are made from carbon but often include small traces of other minerals that reveal information about the environment where they were formed.

Regarding traces of salt there was a theory that salts trapped inside diamonds came from marine seawater, but it could not be tested. Geoscientists at Macquarie University in Sydney have published a new study showing that those traces came from marine sediment and that stones are formed from ancient seabeds that became buried deep beneath the Earth's crust. According to this research, the processes that lead to diamond growth are driven by the recycling of oceanic sediments in subduction zones —zones were tectonic plate slides beneath another.

Read all details in the article published by Science Advances.

Reference: Michael W. Förster, Stephen F. Foley, Horst R. Marschall, Olivier Alard, Stephan Buhre. Melting of sediments in the deep mantle produces saline fluid inclusions in diamonds. Science Advances, 2019; 5 (5): eaau2620 DOI
Credit Image: Sutterstock

Tags: Seabed, Research, Minerals, Salt, Origin, Sediments

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