Monday 15 November 2021

101 Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

101 Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered

What type are you? The 11th hour-grabbing-whatever-available-option-kind of gift shopper? Or the considered-well-planned-organized-selective-type? Well, this gift guide is for you no matter your type. 

Just relax, lean back, and spend a couple of minutes considering the personality of the special people in your life you’re shopping for. With a few clicks and an email sent off, diamond experts and goldsmiths all the way over in Antwerp, Belgium will spring into action and make your wishes come true, just in time for the gift-giving holiday season.

Let’s take you on a little tour to help you determine which diamonds or diamond jewelry are exactly right for the person(s) on your mind, especially if that person is you.

She is colorful, bold, and always the life of your party

They are colorful, bold, and always the life of your party

A woman who is not afraid to shine deserves to have light reflected off of her. Go for this incredible lime and pink necklace featuring a one-of-a-kind lime natural color diamond center stone surrounded by a double halo of pink diamonds. This piece will be a conversation starter at any and every event. 


Or tell her that she is your rainbow with a carefully curated stack of The Line eternity bands or a stunning ring with a magical color composition such as this one with olive and cognac diamonds.



She is contemporary, cool, and collected

This unique ring in white gold features six diamonds (feel free to choose more or less diamonds for your own bespoke version of this ring). Four pink and two blue diamonds have been set asymmetrically in the ring to create a very unique, modern and almost architecturally inspired look. You could also start with two diamonds, for you and her, and add diamonds as life gives you more gifts. 


She is timeless, classic, and elegant

This beautiful necklace sits right on the little hollow in the collarbone, reflecting light and catching the eye without overpowering the person carrying this piece. An oval champagne natural color diamond is surrounded by a halo of colorless melee diamonds, all set in rose gold. Rose gold is very flattering for every skin tone and brings out the rosy tones of the champagne diamond. This necklace is so easy to wear, utterly timeless and will make every outfit (from a power suit to yoga pants) look chic. 



She is sporty, understated, and feminine

The Line collection from Langerman Jewels is made using diamond melees in stunning colors. Every single diamond has been selected, sorted, and matched by the diamond experts at Langerman Diamonds. After having selected 19 small diamonds, the goldsmiths take over and create this modern, feminine and easy-to-wear bracelet. The piece is so light that she’ll never need to take it off. It will just sit on the wrist, reflecting light and color, and become a fixed part of her daily style statement. Choose between 10 colors and three gold alloys – or let us help you pick the right colors based on your description of her.  



She is creative, an open spirit and design-savvy

Offer her a loose diamond and let her do her own magic with this precious gift. A gift that says that you love her creativity and skill and can’t wait to see what she comes up with. This emerald cut, Fancy Dark Grey diamond is such a powerful gift just waiting to be set in the statement piece of her own design. Or go for a heart shaped, marquise or rectangular diamond to get her ideas flowing. We are excited to see what she comes up with. 



She is fashion-forward, a style influencer, always looking for new trends

This is not a two-ear studs-classic-style-kind of woman. Why be symmetrical when you can be edgy? This set of earrings consists of a drop earring featuring a 1.00 carat vivid yellow pear shape diamond on a chain adorned with six colorless diamonds of which one is a 0.15 carat marquise cut diamond. This stunning, show-stopping earring is paired with a yellow diamond ear stud for a contemporary and cool look.


She is the one…

…and maybe now is the time to ask her if she feels the same? The holiday season is such a wonderful time of year to offer one of the most important gifts of your life. There is still time to design and craft a bespoke engagement ring, or you can pick one from our collections at Langerman Jewels or take a look at our unique pieces from Langerman Diamonds. Colorful, contemporary, feminine, understated, bold, or timeless, we offer engagement rings for every unique personality. And why not think of a “His and Her” wedding band so both of you have a lovely gift to celebrate?



He understands the value of powerful accessories 

Watches have dominated the giftmarket for men for decades, but thankfully more and more men are starting to appreciate contemporary jewelry designs featuring natural color diamonds. We have a very interesting collection of strong, powerful rings with a touch of color, which would surprise and delight him this season. 


Or share a pair of ear studs with him, so you are connected through style and color.     


He is traditional and likes a sophisticated look

The most masculine of all jewelry accessories - the cufflink - can be considered a must-have in his diamond jewelry collection. They will add the sophistication touch he values to his suit look. Using natural color diamonds in the cufflink design is the perfect way to differentiate and personalize this gift to meet his taste. 

Have a look at our collection or create a bespoke pair of diamond studded cufflinks for him to mark a special occasion. 


She is you

Are diamonds really (still) a girl’s best friend? The short answer is yes. And for more reasons than you might think. Yes, diamonds flatter every skin tone, elevate any outfit, and send a subtle, yet undeniable, signal that this person is all about quality, timeless style, and elegance. This, you probably already know. 

What might surprise you is that the percentage of women who invest their money has gone up 50% in the last three years. More and more women are looking for new ways to invest their means and create security for themselves. As it happens, natural color diamonds have historically been a solid investment with prices, especially for pink and blue diamonds, increasing steadily over the last 10-15 years. Now is a good time to invest in those statement pieces that can be worn every day, but still feels like money in the bank. What better gift could you give yourself this holiday season? We are always happy to help you pick out a loose diamond as an investment piece and have it set in a piece of jewelry for you. Maybe 2021 is the year to show some appreciation for you and your accomplishments?

Happy Shopping...

We hope our holiday gift guide was helpful and hope to have the honor of creating the perfect gift for you this year. Remember that only one in every 10,000 diamonds is in color, so anything you pick will be unique, precious and become a true masterpiece; just like that special someone you’re thinking about right now. 

Please contact us as soon as possible  to ensure that the gift will be with you in time for the holidays. We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the pre-holiday season!