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7 Colorful Twists On The Classic Tennis Bracelet

7 Colorful Twists On The Classic Tennis Bracelet

Some jewelry styles receive such universal acclaim, they achieve icon status and become a category on their own. Like the diamond solitaire or a pair of stud earrings, the tennis bracelet is a versatile classic. 

Also known as an eternity bracelet, this accessory originated in the 1920s and was regarded as a symbol of elegance, reserved for formal events. But as fashion evolved and the “effortlessly chic”, and “casual luxury” styles came into vogue, the tennis bracelet became a popular piece to wear anytime of the day.


What Exactly is an Eternity or Tennis Bracelet?


Eternity Style Diamond Rings

In jewelry design, the term “eternity” refers to when a row of size-matching diamonds are set in a seemingly endless, circular manner. The eternity style is popular in rings and it’s also correct to describe a flexible diamond bracelet as an eternity bracelet.

Eternity jewelry is often made with melee diamonds, typically round brilliant cut diamonds under 0.10 carats. In tennis bracelets, melees stand on their own and create a beautiful look thanks to the large number of diamonds used in a single piece of jewelry. 

At Langerman, we specialize in different melee sizes and they are available in an impressive variety of colors.


The Story Behind How The Tennis Bracelet Earned Its Name

 The year was 1978, fashion was all about dressing down, fully embracing blue jeans, and styling casual with luxurious items. The U.S. Open had just moved to Flushing Meadows in Queens and Chris Evert was in the middle of a match when, suddenly, she noticed her diamond and gold bracelet was missing. They had to stop the game temporarily while she looked for it. Media outlets and fashion magazines reported on this bizarre event as wearing such an elegant piece of fine jewelry for a sports match was considered extravagant and fashion forward. They dubbed it the “tennis bracelet”, and the jewelry industry quickly embraced this new name.

From New York to Wimbledon, tennis players keep carrying on the fabulous tradition of wearing diamonds to the court.


Langerman’s Modern Take On a Classic 


Fancy Color Diamonds come in many different hues, use them to create a modern tennis bracelet.


Most people are familiar with the white diamond tennis bracelet but you can infuse your personality to this timeless design with Langerman’s selection of fancy color diamonds. Imagine a bracelet combining Raspberry and Lavender diamonds, a rainbow mix, or an all Blue diamonds piece. 

To spark your imagination, we present to you 8 of our custom-made tennis bracelets and encourage you to contact us to create your own.

1. White Gold Multi-Colored Diamond Bracelet

White Gold Rainbow Diamond Tennis Bracelet.


Fancy color diamonds are bezel-set in round, pebble-like white metal pods in this bespoke piece. Bronze, Gray, Silver, Yellow and Mint diamonds were some of the selected hues for this jewel. 

You can get creative with the links of a tennis bracelet and have your color diamonds set in a novel way.


2. Chocolate Diamonds and White Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

This beautiful design in white gold, features white diamond accents that serve as dividers of Chocolate diamond pairs.

Diamond Eternity Bracelet With Chocolate Diamonds in White Gold.

Combine warm-toned diamonds with white gold to create contrast and make their colors pop up even more.


3. Black and White Eternity Bracelet


Tennis Bracelet With Black Diamonds and White Diamonds Accent.

Diamond bracelets aren’t reserved for women only. Gender-neutral designs, and men’s jewelry collections now include tennis bracelets too. They are an excellent compliment to watches and can also be worn on the opposite hand.

Black diamonds have a subtle sparkle and a casual feel that suits sporty styles. Other colors we can recommend are Cognac, Steel, Blue, and Chocolate diamonds. And for the man that’s more adventurous, try bright Mint, or Pumpkin diamonds. You can devise original combinations and patterns with as many diamond colors as you wish.


4. Tennis Bracelet With Slanted Marquise Natural Color Diamonds

Marquise Tennis Bracelet with Olive, Cognac, Chocolate, Yellow, and Other Color Diamonds.


Eternity bracelets are popular anniversary gifts and once you learn the romantic story behind the marquise shape, you might find this design to be the perfect present for your wife. 

According to legend, the marquise cut was commissioned by King Louis XV to a royal jeweler in the 1740’s. The brief? The new cut had to resemble the perfect lips of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. Since then, the marquise cut is associated with lovers and perceived as a very feminine cut.


5. Minimalist Line Bracelet From Our Made-To-Order Collection

The Line Bracelet Is A Fully Customizable, Minimalist Design.

The Line bracelet is our own contemporary reinterpretation of the classic tennis bracelet. This comfortable design features a slightly curved diamond-studded bar that matches the natural shape of the wrist. 

Personalize it and make it yours selecting one of ten available diamond colors and your favorite gold alloy.


6. Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet With Multi-Color Diamonds

This Bespoke Bracelet Features a Variety of Fancy Color Diamonds.

Monochromatic and color accent designs are beautiful, but if you just love colorful combinations, this bracelet will inspire you to design your own eclectic version. Made in yellow gold, this fantastic piece features Chocolate, Lime, Gray, Bronze and Amber diamonds, among other fantastic colors.

Multi-colored Diamond Bracelet from Langerman


For this custom design, a warm selection of color diamonds—including Olive, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Diamonds—were arranged in a basket setting with rounded prongs.

Tennis Bracelet With Alternating Color Diamonds.


Yellow gold arms hug a mix of alternating warm and cold-toned fancy color diamonds in this exclusive Langerman piece. The unusual setting creates a sense of connection and harmony between each gem with the curved gold flowing from one color diamond to the next.


7. White Diamond Bracelet With Color Accents 

Add your personal touch to a classic style with natural color diamonds.


If you want to stay close to the traditional design, go for a white gold, white diamond bracelet, and add dashes of color here and there. The almost all-white jewel will make the natural color of your diamond accents really pop. 

Custom made tennis bracelet with White and Yellow diamonds.

Contact us for more information on our bespoke service and allow us to bring your dream jewels to life. We’ll guide you through the whole process and help you come up with wonderful color combinations, finding the ideal carat sizes and diamond cuts for your design.

At Langerman Diamonds we guarantee a personalized experience.