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A Guide to Natural Black Diamonds

A Guide to Natural Black Diamonds

The Enigma is a carbonado-type black diamond and weighs a staggering 555.55 carats.


The Enigma is the largest known cut diamond in the world. Recently sold for 4.3 million dollars in an online auction, the extremely rare gem weighs 555.55 carats and bears 55 facets.


Black Orlov 

Also known as the Eye of Brahma Diamond, the 67.50 carat stone is one of the most famous black diamonds.


The Black Orlov diamond has been displayed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and the Natural History Museum in London. The cushion-cut stone weighs 67.50 carats and is set in a brooch that attaches to a necklace. 


Grousi Diamond 

The Gruosi Diamond is an exquisite, heart-shaped black diamond.


The renowned Swiss jeweler Fawaz Gruosi has long admired black diamonds and saw their potential for high jewelry. The Gruosi Diamond is the largest heart-shaped black diamond in the world, weighing 115.34 carats.


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