Friday 07 October 2016

Black Diamonds and the Importance of a Certificate

Black Diamonds and the Importance of a Certificate

The Difference between Heated and Natural Black Diamonds

A  beautiful  natural  black  diamond  can  be  very  rare and  hence  highly  sought after, and when you buy black diamonds there are certain things that you need to keep  in  mind.  Most  natural  black  diamonds  are  typically  found  with  many inclusions,  such  as  scratches  and  gray  spots  that  contrast  against  their  mirror-like  surface.  For  this  aesthetic  reason,  most  of  the  black  diamonds  used  in  the jewelry industry  are  heated  or  irradiated.  Previously,  graphite  treatments  were also  used,  but  this  is  no  longer  the  case.  It  might  however  be  worth  to  keep  in mind for older diamonds. 

While we are specialized in natural color diamonds, we make an exception when it  comes  to  black diamonds.  Because  of  the  aesthetical  difference  between  the two, we propose both natural black diamonds and heat-treated black diamonds, and we always try to figure out what the client is looking for in order to propose the  best option. Typically  for  someone  looking to  make  a beautiful jewel that is not necessarily intended as an investment, heat-treated black diamonds might be the better option as they are often more pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, a collector  of  natural  color  diamonds  or  someone looking  to  make  an  investment might be more interested in a natural black diamond.

Essentially if you are looking for a natural black diamond, you need to be aware of what you are buying in order to ensure that you will not be ripped off because treated black diamonds are fairly common, and they do not have a high value. 

Natural Black Diamonds and the Importance of a Certificate
We receive emails regularly inquiring about the value of black diamonds bought on trips abroad as an investment, or received as gifts. Based on our experience we cannot stress enough the importance of a certificate and the importance of reading the certificate carefully. In the case of black diamonds, the certificate needs to state that the origin of the color is natural. It is very important to distinguish between the color being natural versus the diamond being natural, because the diamond can be natural while the color is enhanced. One must be extremely vigilant when looking at certificates and ensure there is no small print that contradicts the certificate as a whole. A certificate for a natural black diamond should read:

Color: Natural fancy black, or
Variety: Untreated natural black diamond

The importance is that the word “natural” is directly associated with the color.

On the contrary if the certificate reads for example:

Color: Black
Origin: Natural diamond

then this calls for caution, as the word “natural” is not directly associated with the color description. To get absolute peace of mind when purchasing a black diamond, we advise buyers who are in doubt to demand a certificate from an internationally renowned laboratory, such as the GIA, the IGI, the EGL or HRD, to be sure that they  get what they’re paying for.