Wednesday 20 September 2017

Customized Birth Jewels

Customized Birth Jewels

New baby? What better opportunity to have a customized pendant or bracelet made?

Offer the baby’s name to the new mom with sparkling letters. As you will see, these can be any color.

A new baby is always a happy event, and a birth, the kind of occasion you want to mark as a red-letter day. Then why not have the baby’s name written with actual colored diamonds? It can be made in a pendant or a bracelet, using melee diamonds of any color. You can choose to either mix different tones or not.

For example, you can use a natural color diamond to emphasize a letter: If the name is formed with colorless diamonds you can use a colored diamond to make the dot over an “i”. You can emphasize an accent as well or even just include a natural color diamond wherever you wish in a letter.

Unique Name Ring - Langerman Diamonds

As for the choice of colors, you can either remain conventional (a pink natural diamond for a girl and a blue one for a boy) or be more original and go for the mother’s favorite color or a colored diamond that will match her eyes. 

Mixing different colors of gold is very trendy as well.

The only rule is: your personalized jewel must fit your personal taste.

lf you need sparkling gifts for new mothers or fathers we will be happy to help you create your own unique jewel.